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Here you will find all the reviews for the items we’ve used during each homeschool year. If you find that any of the products we have reviewed are no longer available where we got them from then I suggest looking on Amazon. I do try to keep the Homeschool page up to date on where you can get the items we have used.

4th Grade     5th Grade     6th Grade
7th Grade     8th Grade     9th Grade
10th Grade     11th Grade     12th Grade

Baby & Preschool:



1st Grade:

2nd Grade:

3rd Grade:
  • 180 Days of Social Studies 3rd
  • All About Reading Level 4
  • All About Spelling Level 3
  • Beginning Word Roots
  • Building Blocks of Science 3
  • Critical and Creative 3
  • Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 3
  • Disasters in History
  • Doodle Adventures
  • Dr. Bonyfide 1
  • Famous Figures of the Early Modern Era
  • Gravitrax Starter Set
  • Horse Academy
  • Italic Handwriting Book D
  • Math-U-See Gamma
  • Mosdos Press Literature Opal Grade 3
  • Mystery Mosaics 2
  • Puzzleball Globe 180-PC
  • The Story of the World Volume 3 and Test
  • Typing Instructor for Kids
  • Wrap-Ups Multiplication
4th Grade:
  • Wrap-Ups Division
5th Grade:
  • Wrap-Ups Fractions


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Cross Stitch: Christmas Stockings

I am happy to announce that a new product is here. Holiday stockings! They are hand stitched (takes about 200 hours) and can be personalized with a name. Price:       150$ + shipping if shipped Available & Ready for Personalization:   SOLD OUT Working on more. email for inquiring and reservation Previously Made:

Review: Geoboards

A fun way to help kids get great hand-eye coordination isn’t with  Geoboards . I love that with these there are 4 boards included so you can use it with multiple students. The rubber bands are different colors and 2 different sizes. The pictures are fun, colorful and you get a bunch of them. My daughter really likes these. For some reason she thinks it’s so funny when the bands pop her. At first I just let her place the bands anywhere to get the idea of how to put them on. Then we started places them just on the white lines in the picture. She always wants to do more than one so I let her do as many pictures as she wants. I do wish there was a blanket picture so she could design her own things. 

Crochet: Blankets

Snuggle with these warm, 100% cotton blankets! Price: varies by size of blankets + shipping Ready to be Shipped: 50$ + shipping (30x35 inches) Monogrammed Blankets are custom. I made this one for my daughter.  I have even recreated blankets before!