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Crochet: Teddy Bear

 Show your love with a handmade teddy bear! Perfect for Valentines, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and just because.  Price: 15$ + shipping Pattern by  RNata Shop . 

Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas from OneLuckeyWife to all of you! Our oldest has finished 1st grade and will start 2nd grade in January. Youngest will start preschool at the same time. They are both very excited and I’m so happy they enjoy school. This year for Christmas I made them these cute dolls from one of AradiyaToys patterns. I hope y’all have a wonderful holiday and New Year season! This doll is handmade by me, Daisy Luckey, from a design and pattern by  AradiyaToys .

Tips & Tricks: Ending a Year

Since we school year round we end our year the Friday before Christmas. What I like to do is a big breakfast like we do on the first day of school. If I include muffins or pancakes I let them help me cook it as a fun activity. For the week before and week of ending the school year I use to test over everything we have gone over that year. This way I know if she has retained the information and if we need to review or add in a lesson or 2 for the next school year. I have yet to have to add anything as she remembers literally everything.  We do school like normal but after the end of each class I like to have a tiny party of dancing around the house to celebrate the end of that years class. We do this for the last 2 days of school since I schedule some classes only on certain days. When we have completed school for the day we do a big celebration of playing different games, doing a final experiment, completing a STEM project or with art. It just depends on what she would like to do. I al