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Tips & Tricks: Requirements

Before you begin homeschooling it is best to check out what requirements your state has. In Texas, it is very easy. I don’t need to notify anyone, no need for teacher qualifications, no state test (STARR test), no immunizations. I only need to teach math, reading, spelling, grammar and good citizenship. The curriculum must be written as well. You must conduct school in a bona fide manner. I teach all subjects not just the required ones. I do this because I think it’s important for our children to get a great education and because colleges will want all subjects. We also get the immunizations when the pediatrician says and I do give quizzes and test. If your child has been in the public school system then you must send a letter/mail to the school stating that you are withdrawing your child with the intend of homeschooling. There are many letters online you can find if you need help writing one. Now, this is information is not true for all states. So, it is best to lookup the state laws

Review: Djeco Fish Rainbow Colored and Glitter Craft

If you have read before you will know we live Djeco. We have used a bunch of their kits. However, this  Glitter Kit  was definitely not one of my favorites. It is fun and the projects turn out very pretty but it is a mess. You get glitter, a stick to remove the stickers and 4 projects to do. You remove all of the stickers of one number than pour the glitter. There is a little hole in the box so you can pour the glitter back into their containers… ya this was a mess. Some of the glitter doesn’t come out of the box. Sometimes the glitter doesn’t pour out right and it got all over everywhere.  Since not all the glitter comes out of the box it ends up getting mixed with the previous colors. This does add a cool effect to the next time you use the glitter but I wish it came off of the box easier. We have done two of these projects so far and are out of the pink glitter in the tube. This is highly disappointing since we’ll need it for the last two projects. Luckily, I have spare things of gl

Tips & Tricks: PE Class

I have been asking before about what we do for PE. I do not think you have to put your child in an extracurricular activity for them to get exercise. There are many things you can do at home.  Exercises for Kids: Going on a walk/run/hike Riding a bike in the driveway or neighborhood  Go swimming  Playing tag Go to the playground/park There are kids workout videos on YouTube  Playing a physical video game like Ring Fit Adventures or Just Dance Do pilates/yoga/stretching with your child All of these are great exercise for not only the child but for adults as well. My daughter and I do many of these together. She does also do gymnastics. Our gymnastics center also offers a homeschool PE class. So, you could always call around your area and see if they have something like that. A lot of homeschoolers also get together and form teams that play against each other in different sports; football, soccer, volleyball, etc. How does your student get their exercise? Let me know in the comments belo