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Contact & About Me

Leave a comment on any post, email OneLuckeyWife or direct message me through Instagram or on Facebook about purchasing and I’ll get back with you. 


  • I have found homeschooling provides lots of benefits for our family.
  • We have chosen Timberdoodle and I’m happy to be apart of their blog team
  • We are apart of a homeschool group that does field trips, play dates and other educational activities together.
  • Our school year starts in January and ends in December; we school year round.

Crochet & Cross Stitch
  • Instagram and Facebook are update much more frequently and will have all the items available.
  • I use 100% cotton yarn, polyfil stuffing and lead free safety eyes.
  • 10% of sales are be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
  • I price most of my items by how many ounces of yarn were used, time, skill and experience.
  • My items are intended for decoration purposes. Not intended for children or infants to play with as some parts can be a choking hazard. 
  • ***If you will be gifting to an infant or child let me know. I will use yarn for eyes instead of safety eyes; as they can be a choking hazard.***

Pineapple Clothing Ambassador
  • I am very into this clothing company for my workout and Mommy and Me needs. Pineapple Clothing 
  • If you use coupon code luckey you’ll save 20% even on sale items! Just make sure you spell luckey with the ‘e’ so you can save money!

I am a wife and mother with anxiety and depression. We have a dog (Ice), 12 chickens, a turkey and a duck. I started crocheting to help with my anxiety and fell in love with the craft. I have been cross stitching for 15 yrs. Homeschooling is awesome and provides many benefits for our family. My childhood was rough; mental, physical and sexual abuse. Now, I have a great life. My husband and daughter make my life a gift. They make me a better person and I love them.


Popular posts from this blog

Getting Started & Preschool Schedule

I noticed a lot of people on Facebook where asking about how to get started with homeschooling and what people do for their toddlers. In Texas, it’s very simple. You just send a letter or email to your child’s school letting them know you are withdrawing your child with the intent of homeschooling. Then begin homeschooling. Every state has different laws of what needs to be taught and what you need to do as far as testing. This website is very helpful for information by state. You’ll need to get a curriculum that you feel well be a good fit for your family. There are religious and secular (non-religious) curriculums. I have chosen Timberdoodle. They are a hands-on curriculum, offer both religious and non, you can customize your kits and they even have a scheduler to help you know what needs to get done each week.

Here is what we do for preschool. I did these myself; it’s not Timberdoodle.

Monday: books (she picks one and 1 about letters), game based on letters, break, 2 workbook pages…

Daily Schedule: Toddler

Our daughter is 2.5 now. We’ve been doing the same schedule for awhile now works great for us but might not work for everyone.

8-9: wake up, go potty, get dressed (she picks her own clothes), breakfast with milk or water, brush teeth
10-12: school time, play time
12-1: lunch with water or juice
1-6: story time, dance and singing, play time
6-7: dinner
7-8: play time
8-9: bath/shower time, brush teeth, story, bed

She doesn’t wake during the night or take naps because then she’ll stay up forever.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

10% of all sales will be donated to St. Jude.

St. Jude does amazing things for so many children in need. More information about them can found at