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Homeschool: 1st Grade Unboxing

As I was getting ready to do our end of year thoughts on 1st grade I realized that I never made an unboxing post. So here it is now super late. We used Timberdoodle Elite 1st Grade kit . I love that I do not have to piece together our curriculum they have done it for us yet I can still customize the kit to exactly what I want. For English we got All About Reading , All About Spelling ,  Daily 6-Trait  and  Imagidice . My goals for the end of the year with these items were just that our daughter had a better understanding of reading, learned some spelling and was able to write in sentences. For math we had  Math-U-See , wrap-ups  addition  and  subtraction  as well as  Mobi Kids . With math I just wanted our daughter to be able to work through problems that she did all year. These included addition, subtraction, solving for the unknown and some clock work. For our thinking skills class I got a few items  Critical & Creative ,  miniLUK set A/B ,  Smart Cookies ,  What's New? What

Cold Weather and Holiday Items

We are getting into that colder weather and holiday celebrations are right around the corner! Here are some items that are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Every crochet piece is made with 100% cotton yarn, polyfil and lead-free safety eyes (chocking hazard). Cross stitch and embroidery pieces are made using Aida canvas or the fabric of your choice and DMC thread. I also do custom work .

Review: Kids Freeze Dance

Recently we tried a service called Kids Freeze Dance . This is a really go way to get your kids moving while they practice their math and English lessons. There are 3 different kinds of videos: freeze dance, guided movements and body percussions. The first one we tried out was freeze dance. This one has videos for all ages and K-3rd grade. The object is to dance or move about then freeze when the music stops and say the answer. For these I found the phonics to be a bit above grade level for both our homeschooling and for our school district. So what we did was just pick the videos of the concepts that our daughter has learned and what she is going over. I really liked that for some videos of the reading there was sounding out the word instead of just knowing it as a sight word. I teach reading by decoding vs just remembering the words. There were some rhyming videos included. I really like this because rhyming is often a hard concept for kids to grasp and this is a fun way to practice

Review: Let's Start Coding Base Kit

If you or your kids want to get into the world of coding then this little kit is just the thing for you. Let's Start Coding Base Kit has everything you will need except a computer. They will even get a little bracelet with the companies website on it. There are card that tell about each component in the kit. I did straighten out a lot of our components because the prongs were bent but then later found out that they are meant to bendable. There are 56 projects that you can do with the this kit and 4 setup videos to watch. I love how hands-on this kit is. Your child gets to place LED lights and a speaker while coding the Maker Board. I think it is super cool that this kit uses the same coding language that NASA does. The thing I like best is that their are step-by-step videos so you know exactly what you need to do so no prior experience is needed in order to complete this awesome kit. Your child will learn how edit, compile and execute code. I have shown our daughter before about w

Tips & Tricks: Multiple Grades (Younger Kids)

Teaching multiple grades at one time can be quite tricky. Especially if the children are younger like mine are right now. One gets jealous of the other very quickly if I need to take time for the other to help with individually. Since our youngest is just starting out with her schooling it is a lot of one-on-one time for her as she needs help with everything and I have to explain everything to her. As a result is that the oldest always gets jealous even though she knows that her sister needs help where as she can do more things on own. So, how can you combat this from happen? Well no matter what it is gonna happen I have come to realize. Here are some things that I do.  I do not alter the way I teach the youngest. She still gets to sit on my lap and I use all the same items that I did with our oldest. I make sure to take all the time I need to with our youngest so that she gets the time she needs and is learning what she needs to at this age. For our oldest when she needs help I make s