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Crochet: Easter Minis

Decorate for spring and Easter with these too cute amigurumis! Price:      10$ each + shipping Choices:  Angel Easter Cake Bunny Chick     My items are intended for decoration purposes. Not intended for children or infants to play with as some parts can be a choking hazard. This doll is handmade by me, Daisy Luckey, from a design and pattern by  AradiyaToys .

Review: Kumon My First Book of Money Counting Coins

 Kumon, Kumon, Kumon! We love our Kumon books.  Kumon My First Book of Money Counting Coins  was perfect for us. It starts off with numbers 1-100 which is what we are learning in our Math-U-See  curriculum right now. Then the book goes over pennies and the other coins. By the end of the workbook they are counting coins in cash registers; which is really cute! Like with our other Kumon we use a sheet protector and expo. The lessons start off easy and get progressively harder as you go through the workbook. Kumon books are great supplements to whatever your curriculum has even if your child is in public school. If they need a little extra help these workbooks are amazing. Our daughter really wanted to learn about money since we play restaurant and shop a lot. This workbook has helped her a lot with knowing which coins she should be handing us. I’d definitely recommend Kumon to anyone.

Review: Bolli Teether

I remember with our daughter she was constantly breaking the teethers. We went through countless teethers and she literally broke them all. Our second baby has been chewing her thumb and drooling for a couple months now. She we decided to get her a teether. We got this  Bolli Teether  from  Timberdoodle .  She really seems to enjoy this teether. What is very unique about this one is that it is stretchy. She can pull it, squish it, throw it, catch it and chew it. I’ve never seen a teether like this one. Even our 4 year old has been taking it because it’s so much fun to play with. I’d definitely recommend this teether especially if your baby is able to break others. 

Review: Kumon My Easy Book of Telling Time

 We have used many Kumon workbooks and this one didn’t disappoint either.  Kumon My Easy Book of Telling Time  is an easy way to teach and learn hour and half hour. What I love about Kumon books is that they start off easy and gradually get harder. Our daughter learned hours last year in her Timberdoodle kindergarten curriculum so she can easily look at those problem and know what the answer is.  Learning half hours is a little harder for her but with the Kumon book she is able to learn at her pace. Since I have 2 kids we put a sheet protector over the pages and use expo markers on it. That way we can reuse the book as many times as we need.  I also like to use the books as pop quizzes. Randomly during the week I pick a lesson and she does them. Now she doesn’t actually know I’m quizzing her. She thinks it’s just fun worksheets. So a plus plus for us, I can see her progress and she has fun with Kumon. 

Review: Do Art Coloring with Clay

 We love art! A lot of our days are spent creating things. So when I saw this art kit I just had to get it.  Do Art Coloring with Clay  has 4 projects, a bunch of clay and tools to add texture to your art. The clay is actually clay not like play dough.  There is no right or wrong way to do this kit. Your child is able to be as creative as they want. They can use whatever clay or use the pictures on the box as a reference. A downside is that one of the tools, the grey one with the blue tip (in picture above), broke instantly when our 4 year old used it. So it had to be super glued.  By far our daughter’s favorite part was using the tools to create designs on the clay. She also quite enjoyed mixing the clay together which created a unique color for the piece. This kit also comes with little things to put on the back of the projects so you can display them. I really love getting to display her art around the house. Definitely recommend this kit. I got it from Timberdoodle since they have

Review: Mind Benders Level 1

 I always like to include thinking items into our homeschool. I want our kids to be able to critically think about a problem and find a solution on their own or with some help if they need any. If you are regular to my blog then you know we love our games from Timberdoodle so when I saw this book on their website I had to get it. Mind Benders  is a great little workbook to add in during the week as an extra fun activity.  The whole workbook is deciding which one goes with the other. Example: does dad/son/daughter have a cat, dog or shark as a pet based on the clues given. Since our daughter is 4 I do read the clues to her. All the rest is on her but I will answer any questions she has along the way.  What I love to do is just sit back and see her come up with the solution on her own. Doing her own thought process building her critical thinking skills and she gains a ton of confidence and pride knowing she was able to get the answers on her own. 

Review: Very First Book of Things to Spot at Home

  In need of a fun vibrant activity for your kid? Then this is the book for you! Very First Book of Things to Spot at Home  is a cute little book that has a bunch of things to find. Our daughter loves search and find games so I knew she would enjoy this book that we got from Timberdoodle. The pictures are super cute and so colorful so your attention is drawn to this book. I asked our daughter what she liked best and she decided she likes that each page has a cutout part that shows a part of other pages (in the picture below the vase has a cutout). She is almost 5 so this book is definitely easy for her but she loves it all the same. I’d suggest it for 1-3 year olds who need a challenge or 4-5 year olds who need an independent activity. A great plus is the book isn’t too big so taking it on-the-go is great way to keep her occupied while I’m at doctor appointments.