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Review: This is How We Do It

If you need a way to show your kiddos how different families do things this is the book for you!  This is How We Do It  takes your through the lives of 7 kids from around the world. Each family is unique and they all have different lifestyles. Our daughter loved seeing what each kid did throughout their day After reading each section I like to stop and talk about what we do. If it’s different or the same as the other kids. This book came with our Timberdoodle kindergarten kit. Our daughter has really loved going through this book. One downside I did find is there isn’t a family that homeschools but it did give us a chance to talk about how they went to school vs how we do school. I’d recommend this if your looking for a way to show your kids the differences in their lives compared to other kids or how diverse our world really is. 

Review: Thinkplay Gears

Thinkplay Gears  is such a fun and engaging toy for kids. It comes with so many projects to make. They start off easy and get progressively harder. My daughter loves to play with these and build different things beside what’s in the books. It’s definitely great to keep littles ones of screens and having fun building and being creative.  We got this in our kindergarten curriculum kit from Timberdoodle. Since she loved the PreK ThinkPlay I knew she’d enjoy this one, too. The difference between the two is that this one has gears. So you can actually make things that move when you turn the crank. Our daughter loves that the wheel really move when you build a automotive and that the gears really turn. You get to see all the gears working together. I’d definitely recommend this as a wind STEM project that kids could do anytime either with the project books or by using their own imagination.