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Homeschooling! What Extra Supplies Do I Need?

With the recent increase of homeschoolers due to Covid there was a frequent question being asked, what extra supplies do I need to get? Here’s my list of extra items I got for each grade we have done. Have any other questions about homeschooling just ask in the comments! Now you don’t necessarily have to have a curriculum but we use Timberdoodle
Preschool: Paints and brushes or spongesScissors; both kid ones and adultCrayonsMarkersBooks; fun ones and educational onesStickersBinder; I used one to keep all the worksheets from our workbook together since I torn them out so we could do skip around the book as neededConstruction paperClothes pinsFlash cards; numbers and lettersGlue sticksPipe cleanersGoogly eyesPompomsTape

PreK:  Container; I store all of our curriculum in this huge container so it’s all in one spotStickersPens and pencils; my Timberdoodle curriculum came with pencils for my daughterPencil sharpener; my curriculum came with oneCrayons; even though my curriculum came with the…

Usborne Party?

Wondering how an Usborne party works? I’ve got you’ve covered. It’s all done through FaceBook so no need to leave the comfort of your home. I make a FaceBook group and have scheduled post that let everyone know about the wonderful books Usborne Books and More offers. The only thing you need to do is invite your friends and family. As your guest buy books for the people in their life you earn free books from Usborne Books and More. The picture below breaks down how much in free books and books at half price you can earn. 
I use some Usborne Books & More books for our homeschool. They offer a lot of books that are educational and our daughter has learned a lot of things from them. We also have some that are just for fun. Our daughter loves the books and thinks they are hilarious; like Beast Feast