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Tips & Tricks: What Extra Supplies Do I Need?

With the recent increase of homeschoolers due to Covid there was a frequent question being asked, what extra supplies do I need to get? Here’s my list of extra items I got for each grade we have done. Have any other questions about homeschooling just ask in the comments! Now you don’t necessarily have to have a curriculum but we use Timberdoodle.  Preschool : Paints and brushes or sponges Scissors; both kid ones and adult Crayons Markers Books; fun ones and educational ones Stickers Binder; I used one to keep all the worksheets from our workbook together since I torn them out so we could do skip around the book as needed Construction paper Clothes pins Flash cards; numbers and letters Glue sticks Pipe cleaners Googly eyes Pompoms Tape PreK :  Container; I store all of our curriculum in this huge container so it’s all in one spot Stickers Pens and pencils; my Timberdoodle curriculum came with pencils for my daughter Pencil sharpener; my curriculum came with one Crayons ; even though my