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Review: Lil Dimpl

When your child is teething and being a huge grump as a result you try to do everything to help them with the pain. Our second daughter has not been a fan of teethers. But luckily I have not run into the problem we did with our first. Our first dauobroke every single teether she had. I am talking like full on bit pieces off the teethers. It has been a challenge to find a teether that our second daughter would use. She really likes the  Play Together Caterpillar  we got. We also got this one called  Lil Dimpl . It is a smaller teether than the caterpillar one but she really seems to like it. We keep it in the car for her and even in this hot Texas heat it has not melted which is a huge plus. In case you do not know Texas heat is about 100+ degrees and things often melt when left in the car.  lol Dimpl is a cute little blue man (you get an assorted color) with one of those popping spots. It is a pretty big popper since it is on the head of the little man. One thing I will say is I wish i

Review: Play Together Caterpillar

A lot of the toys we get when our kids are babies are the cute ones and this teether is definitely adorable. Our youngest is teething pretty bad at the moment so when I saw the  Play Together Caterpillar  I knew it was something I wanted to get for her. When I was taking it out of the packaging I called her into the living room and I wish I would have gotten it on video because she was absolutely the cutest. She did a huge gasp and made her shocked face then demanded that I give her the caterpillar. It has a fuzzy tail, a crinkly body and a light green leaf-shaped teether hanging on it. There is a handle attached to the segmented body and if you shake it you can hear a jingle coming from the head of the caterpillar. I think all of the different textures and bright colors make it a wonderful toy for any baby. Having the teether is a huge plus because then this toy is one that can grow with baby from newborn to growing teeth and even longer if your child so chooses.  Our daughter has tak

Review: Dr. Livingston Jr. Human Body Floor Puzzle

If you like science and puzzles then this review is sure to excite you. Our daughter loves science so when I saw this puzzle I was so excited to try it out.  Dr. Livingston Jr. Human Body Floor Puzzle  is huge! When completed the puzzle is a whopping 4 feet tall. It is about the same size as our daughter who is 6. Me being so short this body puzzle is almost as tall as me. I love that the pieces are nice and big yet the puzzle still has 100 pieces. This human body puzzle comes with a double sided paper that shows the different parts of the body and gives facts about some of them. The other side of the anatomy reference guide points out more parts of the body. The reason I love that it has this paper is because it gives an excellent gateway to discuss the human body. Our daughter had lots of questions; how does this body part work, what does this part do? I was so glad that she enjoyed the puzzle and was able to learn so much from it.  Another neat thing about this puzzle is that it sho

Review: The Baby Babble Series

With our first daughter, she didn’t talk until she was 2. Literally not one word but she did babble and use sign language a lot. Our second baby started talking at 6 months. I thought it would be interesting to see if she would be able to parrot the words in these books I got from  Timberdoodle . They are called  The Baby Babble Series . They have touch and feel aspects to each one. The Ck! book has one touch and feel spot about the size of a quarter on the first page and that is it. The rest of the book is mostly flaps which as long as you read the books with your child it is fine. However, if your child is like mine they love to get into everything especially books. I’m addition, to getting into everything they maybe very hard on things. So, I keep these books where she can not get to then. I do like that these books are hardback board books to keep from getting destroyed by babies. Our youngest is what a call a book tearer. She will tear pages out if they are not board books and the

Review: Channie’s My First Pencils and My First Letters

We decided to try out  Channie’s My First Pencils  and their  My First Letters  which we got from  Timberdoodle . The pencils are a great size for small hands that are still growing and you get 5 of them. They are bigger than regular sized pencils so they are easy for kids to hold onto. Our daughter said these pencils are very comfortable and not awkward to hold which is a huge plus. These pencils also have a design on them so my daughter thought they were fancy pencils. They also come with a sharpener which I really like so that we do not have to buy something extra. The sharpener would be better if it a container attached to collect the pencil shavings. One thing I do no like about the pencils is that they are not triangular in shape but this is a really minor detail. I prefer the triangular ones so they do not roll off the table. Another plus of these pencils is that they are pre sharpened. Channie’s My First Letters gives one page of tracing over the uppercase version then the back

Tips & Tricks: Class Schedule

How do you make a class schedule? When do you do which subjects? How long do you do a class? Does each day look the same? It is easy to make a homeschool schedule since you can school however you like. Since we use Timberdoodle we have access to their online schedule which over the years has been updated to be an outstanding way to schedule our subjects. If you do not use Timberdoodle I would suggest using Excel. If you know a website that allows you to create a schedule (for free) then let me know in the comments. The first thing I do make our schedule is make a list of all of our items and mark which ones I think will be challenging and which will be easy. Then I use that list to make another list on what day we will do each item. Making sure that not one day will be to hard or to easy. I like it to be pretty even as well as each day having about the same number of items. After this I see which items, if any, I would like to use at the beginning of the year and which closer to the en

Tips & Tricks: School Schedule

 Some people might think that homeschoolers just lounge around most of the time, some might think we follow the same schedule as public school. Well, the beauty of homeschooling is that you can choose your schedule. We do not follow the same schedule as public school. Instead, I have chosen that we do school year round. Our school year starts the first Monday in January and we end the Friday before Christmas (so a 47 week school year). I take a week off for the birthdays of both our girls and my husband. I also take Thanksgiving week off. If you have read some of our post before you know that we do school Monday through Friday. Some choose to do school 3 or 4 days a week. It really just depends on what works best for your family. Now, if you live in a state that has schedule laws for homeschool then you need to follow those but for Texas there are no such laws. The reason why I choose to do year round with very little time off from school is that way she does not have a long summer bre

What I Have Been Up To?

I have been hard at work crocheting various things. I got a bit behind on the crochet schedule I made for this year since I had an order to do. I do not keep all the items I sell on hand. For the majority of the time when I get an order I have to make the items unless you order from what I have in stock. This order was a custom order and one that takes a bit of time to make. But I have finished quite a bit of crochet items this year. I still have a lot of crochet I want to get done but I am going to take a break from that and work on my cross stitch and embroidery. These are the sets I have finished this year. All of these patterns are by  AradiyaToys . And of course all of these items are in stock and available for purchase. 

Tips & Tricks: Requirements

Before you begin homeschooling it is best to check out what requirements your state has. In Texas, it is very easy. I don’t need to notify anyone, no need for teacher qualifications, no state test (STARR test), no immunizations. I only need to teach math, reading, spelling, grammar and good citizenship. The curriculum must be written as well. You must conduct school in a bona fide manner. I teach all subjects not just the required ones. I do this because I think it’s important for our children to get a great education and because colleges will want all subjects. We also get the immunizations when the pediatrician says and I do give quizzes and test. If your child has been in the public school system then you must send a letter/mail to the school stating that you are withdrawing your child with the intend of homeschooling. There are many letters online you can find if you need help writing one. Now, this is information is not true for all states. So, it is best to lookup the state laws

Review: Djeco Fish Rainbow Colored and Glitter Craft

If you have read before you will know we live Djeco. We have used a bunch of their kits. However, this  Glitter Kit  was definitely not one of my favorites. It is fun and the projects turn out very pretty but it is a mess. You get glitter, a stick to remove the stickers and 4 projects to do. You remove all of the stickers of one number than pour the glitter. There is a little hole in the box so you can pour the glitter back into their containers… ya this was a mess. Some of the glitter doesn’t come out of the box. Sometimes the glitter doesn’t pour out right and it got all over everywhere.  Since not all the glitter comes out of the box it ends up getting mixed with the previous colors. This does add a cool effect to the next time you use the glitter but I wish it came off of the box easier. We have done two of these projects so far and are out of the pink glitter in the tube. This is highly disappointing since we’ll need it for the last two projects. Luckily, I have spare things of gl

Tips & Tricks: PE Class

I have been asking before about what we do for PE. I do not think you have to put your child in an extracurricular activity for them to get exercise. There are many things you can do at home.  Exercises for Kids: Going on a walk/run/hike Riding a bike in the driveway or neighborhood  Go swimming  Playing tag Go to the playground/park There are kids workout videos on YouTube  Playing a physical video game like Ring Fit Adventures or Just Dance Do pilates/yoga/stretching with your child All of these are great exercise for not only the child but for adults as well. My daughter and I do many of these together. She does also do gymnastics. Our gymnastics center also offers a homeschool PE class. So, you could always call around your area and see if they have something like that. A lot of homeschoolers also get together and form teams that play against each other in different sports; football, soccer, volleyball, etc. How does your student get their exercise? Let me know in the comments belo

Support Ukraine

During the month of March I will donate 10% of profits to help Ukraine. Many items are already made. I do accept orders and custom work. Let’s ban together and help Ukraine in their time of need. 

Tips and Tricks: Sick/Missed Days

How to you handle sick days or days you’re to busy to do school? Well here’s what we do. If I am sick we still do school. Plain and simple. I still do housework and care for my family so I feel I can still be teacher. If our daughter is sick we take off until she is better. When she is sick I don’t feel she can focus on the learning. Now onto missed days. Some days you may have a lot to do or you may just want/need to take the day off. I use Saturday and Sunday as contingency days. So we can miss up to 2 days of school a week. I don’t like doing this because I have the year planned out and want to finish everything on time. I know with homeschooling you can finish things whenever but planning the year is what I prefer.  Since I like sticking to the schedule I’ve made with Timberdoodle’s online scheduler  we do make up sick/missed days. When the snow storm hit Texas we missed a week of school. So upon returning home I had to figure out how to complete those 5 days of school. We could ha

Reviews: Jump 1

We got this game from Timberdoodle  and oh my goodness! I love Jump 1 . If you have read our previous post then you know I love math. I want our daughter to find the joy I get from all things math. She has not even though she is good at it. However, she did tell me that this game was fun and she wants to play it again. I would say Jump 1 is good for kids who are learning numbers up to first grade children. If your child needs a refresher in what comes before or after a number then I would also suggest getting this super fun card game. The object of the game is to place a numbered card that comes before or after the top card on the pile.  There are two versions of the game that you can play. Cool and Clever or Fast and Furious. First, we tried Cool and Clever. It is a slow paced version. Perfect for if your child is just starting to learn number order and anything up from that. You have one card in the middle and then split the rest of the deck evenly. You get take 5 cards from your pil

Tips & Tricks: Extending a Year

Last year we did 1st grade. This year I have decided to extend our 1st grade year. My main and only reason for this is because I would like our daughter to get a little better at reading before we move onto 2nd grade. Academically she is still ahead for her age. She will be half a year ahead of where she would be if she was in public school. I may move onto 2nd grade before the year is up but we will see. There maybe many reasons to extend a school year. Your child may need a little extra help, they may not have retained the information, you could have had a difficult year (moving, a new addition to the family, etc). There is no shame in continuing a school year. If you do not want to redo a whole school year you can move on in certain subjects and stay with the same grade level in other classes. The great thing about homeschooling is that you can decide what is the best option for your children.  Since this year we will be continuing with 1st grade I have decided to add in some extra