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Crochet: Teddy Bear

 Show your love with a handmade teddy bear! Perfect for Valentines, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and just because.  Price: 15$ + shipping Pattern by  RNata Shop . 

Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas from OneLuckeyWife to all of you! Our oldest has finished 1st grade and will start 2nd grade in January. Youngest will start preschool at the same time. They are both very excited and I’m so happy they enjoy school. This year for Christmas I made them these cute dolls from one of AradiyaToys patterns. I hope y’all have a wonderful holiday and New Year season! This doll is handmade by me, Daisy Luckey, from a design and pattern by  AradiyaToys .

Tips & Tricks: Ending a Year

Since we school year round we end our year the Friday before Christmas. What I like to do is a big breakfast like we do on the first day of school. If I include muffins or pancakes I let them help me cook it as a fun activity. For the week before and week of ending the school year I use to test over everything we have gone over that year. This way I know if she has retained the information and if we need to review or add in a lesson or 2 for the next school year. I have yet to have to add anything as she remembers literally everything.  We do school like normal but after the end of each class I like to have a tiny party of dancing around the house to celebrate the end of that years class. We do this for the last 2 days of school since I schedule some classes only on certain days. When we have completed school for the day we do a big celebration of playing different games, doing a final experiment, completing a STEM project or with art. It just depends on what she would like to do. I al

Homeschool: 1st Grade End of Year

As we start to wrap up our 1st grade year I thought I would go ahead and let y'all know what I thought about our curriculum choices, what worked and what did not. Of course we used our Timberdoodle Curriculum . I will go by class so first up is English. For English I count everything that goes into it as one class. So, reading, spelling, grammar and writing are what I call English. My main goals where for her to improve on her reading and start to spell more on her own. If you have read our post before than you know I did an extended year because I wanted our daughter to get better at reading. Well then come to find out she was where she should be and then I felt down for not continuing like we normally would have. She has hit all the goal I original set so I call that a win for sure. When I asked her what she thought of English class she said " I really like the games because they are fun even though reading is quite hard." The next class is math. I was really surprised

Tips & Tricks: This is BORING (Reading/Math)

Fight with your child every day to do reading and math? I know we have those days. Instead of losing your mind trying to get your child to finish their assignment turn it into an activity! These are some things I do. First I put the problems or words on a card/piece of paper. Scavenger Hunt: I tape the papers all around the house and our daughter has to find them bring them to me and solve/read them. Sometimes I give clues as to where the next one is. Big TIP make a list of where you put the papers cause if you are like me you will lose them. Animal and the Food: I tell our daughter she is an animal like a mouse and she is hungry if she completes the problems/read then she gets to keep them and eat them making her a happy mouse. Hop to the Finish: I place the papers all about the living room with a finish line. Some of the path ways do not lead to the finish and she would need to back track and find the correct path. In order to move to the next paper she has to correctly solve/read th

Tips & Tricks: Extra Help with a Class

What should you do if your child is not understanding a certain subject or concept in a class? There are many things you can do. Often times the curriculum you choose will have extra work on their website that you can print out or copy by hand and have your student complete. This will allow them to get extra practice in. You would spend more time on in the areas that they do not understand. For instance if my daughter says she that she does not understand what I am talking about when we go over her history class then I reword it for her or explain further what the textbook is trying to say. When she did not understand what I meant in science that atoms join together to make a molecule we physically reacted it with her, my husband and I all being an atom and then we linked arms and feet literally becoming the molecule. Another thing that you can do is hire a tutor. Sometimes having someone else explain the same concept that you are trying to helps the child understand it better. When I

Cold Weather and Holiday Items

We are getting into that colder weather and holiday celebrations are right around the corner! Here are some items that are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Every crochet piece is made with 100% cotton yarn, polyfil and lead-free safety eyes (chocking hazard). Cross stitch and embroidery pieces are made using Aida canvas or the fabric of your choice and DMC thread. I also do custom work .

Review: Kids Freeze Dance

Recently we tried a service called Kids Freeze Dance . This is a really go way to get your kids moving while they practice their math and English lessons. There are 3 different kinds of videos: freeze dance, guided movements and body percussions. The first one we tried out was freeze dance. This one has videos for all ages and K-3rd grade. The object is to dance or move about then freeze when the music stops and say the answer. For these I found the phonics to be a bit above grade level for both our homeschooling and for our school district. So what we did was just pick the videos of the concepts that our daughter has learned and what she is going over. I really liked that for some videos of the reading there was sounding out the word instead of just knowing it as a sight word. I teach reading by decoding vs just remembering the words. There were some rhyming videos included. I really like this because rhyming is often a hard concept for kids to grasp and this is a fun way to practice

Review: Let's Start Coding Base Kit

If you or your kids want to get into the world of coding then this little kit is just the thing for you. Let's Start Coding Base Kit has everything you will need except a computer. They will even get a little bracelet with the companies website on it. There are card that tell about each component in the kit. I did straighten out a lot of our components because the prongs were bent but then later found out that they are meant to bendable. There are 56 projects that you can do with the this kit and 4 setup videos to watch. I love how hands-on this kit is. Your child gets to place LED lights and a speaker while coding the Maker Board. I think it is super cool that this kit uses the same coding language that NASA does. The thing I like best is that their are step-by-step videos so you know exactly what you need to do so no prior experience is needed in order to complete this awesome kit. Your child will learn how edit, compile and execute code. I have shown our daughter before about w

Tips & Tricks: Multiple Grades (Younger Kids)

Teaching multiple grades at one time can be quite tricky. Especially if the children are younger like mine are right now. One gets jealous of the other very quickly if I need to take time for the other to help with individually. Since our youngest is just starting out with her schooling it is a lot of one-on-one time for her as she needs help with everything and I have to explain everything to her. As a result is that the oldest always gets jealous even though she knows that her sister needs help where as she can do more things on own. So, how can you combat this from happen? Well no matter what it is gonna happen I have come to realize. Here are some things that I do.  I do not alter the way I teach the youngest. She still gets to sit on my lap and I use all the same items that I did with our oldest. I make sure to take all the time I need to with our youngest so that she gets the time she needs and is learning what she needs to at this age. For our oldest when she needs help I make s

Book It! Program

I recently found out about this program called Book It!  You  can be a teacher, parent or homeschooler to sign up. Just add your student and say how many book to read during each month. It can also go by minutes read or pages read. Once your child/student hits their goal for the month they get a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. There is a paper version however you must order it before August 17 and it is only available for traditional school classrooms. Each child will only be allowed one certificate per month. If you print out the certificate then you will need to call or visit and let them know you have a Book It! coupon. If you have a digital coupon then there will be a link in the email sent to you. It will take you straight to the Pizza Hut website. Or you can go the website added a one topping personal pan pizza to your cart and add the coupon code at checkout. This program runs from October 1st to March 31st of each year. I am excited for this. One it will get our daughte

Review: All About Spelling Level 1

For spelling we have gone with All About Spelling since All About Reading was so amazing. With this spelling curriculum you get a step-by-step teacher manual, a phonogram chart, a progress chart, tokens for the lessons and a variety of cards to use. The cards are phonogram, sound, key and word. What I did for organizing was the same as for our reading curriculum. I tore apart the cards which are already perforated and then laminated them. For the teacher manual I went to Office Depot and had them cut the binding then spiral bind it. It just makes it easier for when I flip through the book. I absolutely love that the manual is done in a step-by-step form so I know exactly what to do and when to do it. Each day All About Learning suggest that you do 20 minutes a day so you may not finish a lesson a day and that is completely fine. You go at your child's pace. Just like with All About Reading you will need the Letter Tiles but if you have them from the reading curriculum already the

Review: Postman Observation Game

Looking for a fun matching game that is not just laying down a bunch of cards and playing memory? Look no further because Postman Observation Game  is the game for you. You will need a good amount of space to play this game since the jigsaw puzzle pieces are quite large. Because you get to place the pieces together however you want the board can always be different. This is such a unique aspect to this matching game. I have not come across a game that is set up this way so it is very cool to me. This game is also not set up in a win or lose style. Every player is on the same team as you try and deliver all the envelops. You will also get a deck of cards with Postman Observation Game and a baggie of letters. Each card in the deck show a different house on the board that you will need to find and place a letter on. As you go through the cards they progress in difficulty. If your child is older or has a good grasp on figuring out the clues given on the cards then I would suggest that you