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Review: Sensory Tissue Box

We have been trying out a lot of new baby items this year and here is another one we did not have for our first daughter. It is called Sensory Tissue Box. This is included in Timberdoodle's Tiny Tots kit. What makes this toy so much fun? Let's be honest babies love to get into things. We have tried before to let her play with a regular box of tissues. Big mess. The tissues were everywhere and they have like 250 tissues in a box, she torn them up to so an even bigger mess. Our daughter even went as far as to rip the box itself up. This sensory tissue box though is made of very soft fabric so she can not tear it up, it has 15 tissues so less to keep track of and the tissue can not be easily torn up either. This is the biggest positive of this sensory box in my opinion.

Another positive to having this sensory tissue box instead of a regular one is that the tissues are different colors and sizes as well as having different textures to them. There are 6 see-through ones, 6 see-through ones that have dots on them and 3 crinkly ones. The crinkly ones are a soft fabric, then see-through are kind of like tulle. The sensory box itself is a great size for babies, it has bean bag stuff in the bottom and since it is made of fabric I do not have to worry about our daughter falling and hurting herself on the box. she can squish it up all she likes. Our daughter can also play with this as many times as she likes. With a regular tissue box it is pretty much a one and done kind of thing but this wonderful sensory tissue box is made with the intension of reusing it as much as you like. It is also easy to clean. The box itself can go in the wash and the tissues can be spot treated if need be.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this amazing sensory tissue box for anyone with young toddlers. You can use it for sensory play, color identification, counting, for showing size difference and just to keep them entertained while you get somethings done. Both of our girls like to play with this together. I only have one rule when playing with it "do not lose the tissues". They often use the tissues when playing with other toys like making them a picnic blanket for small toys. My favorite is when they use them to make silly hats. And like I mentioned we got this from Timberdoodle and it is in their Tiny Tots kit. Definitely, check them out for more awesome and cute baby stuff. I would recommend them even if you do not plan on homeschooling your child.  I would love to know what items you have for your child that are sensory play based. Let me know in the comment section below and be sure to check out our other reviews of items we've used for out school.


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