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Review: The Reading Lesson Book

 Even though our daughter started reading very early (- month before turning 3) I want to make sure she has every opportunity to become the best reader she can be. We use All About Reading as our main reading curriculum but when I saw  The Reading Lesson Book  on  Timberdoodle’s website  I had to get it. I wanted to see if it would enhance what our daughter has already learned. This book has 20 lessons and each lesson has sounds and letters to learn. When a new letter is introduced the teacher page before the lesson will tell you how that letter should be pronounced. The very beginning shows the difference between a letter, word and a sentence. I like this because when a child is first learning to read they probably do not know there is a difference. They may only know that a page has a bunch of letters in it.  The book starts off with combining two letter sounds to get before moving onto sounding out a full word. I was surprised that lesson 3 has the “th” sound. The book really just

Crochet: AradiyaToys Custom Orders

I have done many custom orders of the AradiyaToys  Friendy and Design dolls. If you see a pattern of hers that is not listed in my section just send me an email ( or message me on Instagram or FaceBook . 

Cross Stitch: My Field of F**ks

*Adult Language* Every just not really care and want a visual representation of it? Look no further! Price:      100$ + shipping 

Review: Deep in the Jungle Mosaics

 Art! Art! Art! We love art class. With our 2nd grade Timberdoodle  Elite Kit we got a couple art kits for our homeschool art class. This time we went with  Deep in the Jungle Mosaics . It is another Djeco kit since our daughter has really enjoyed the other Djeco kits that we have gotten from Timberdoodle. We have done a mosaic arts and craft be Djeco before so our daughter knew exactly what to do with this one. Do not fret though. If your child has never done one before it will be still be easy for them to do this art kit. Djeco’s manuals are easy ti follow. It is entirely done in pictures and then you do what the pictures show. Very easy and very simple for a young child to do on their own. If you have read some of my other reviews the. You know that I like things that our daughter can do on her own. That way she can be occupied if I need to get some housework done or have to tend to little sis.  Deep in the Jungle Mosaics has 4 projects like the other Djeco kits we have done. And as

Review: Natural World Workshop

 A lot of people say that you can never have to many books. This is true but it is also true for art supplies and kits! Our daughters favorite subject in homeschool is art. So, of course I had to get another art kit from Timberdoodle . They have such an amazing variety of things for art class. This time we got the  Natural World Workshop  kit. It is another art kit made by Djeco. It is a water color painting arts and crafts. What I love about Djeco kits is that the manuals are super easy to follow. Everything is shown step by step on how you are supposed to do the art kit. It is perfect for kids as they can just look at the pictures in the manual and complete the craft on their own. They do not need to read anything so it is no problem to do even if your child does not know how to read yet. I love that I can get out daughter set up with a Djeco kit and get some work done while she is having fun and being productive. Natural World Workshop has 4 projects to do and as always I do wish to