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Crafts For Sale

Here are all the links to the crafts I make and sell. For even more crafts that I’ve made check my Instagram or FaceBook as I post all work including custom items there first. If there isn’t a link to the item you want to see just let me know and I’d be more than happy to send you a picture of what it looks like; colors maybe slightly different for crochet items due to different yarn. The time it takes to make each craft is next to each item. 

Custom Orders (times vary)



RNata Shop
  • Teddy Bear RNata Shop (2 weeks)
  • Easter Animal Bags RNata Shop (3 days each) 
  • Halloween Pumpkin Bags RNata Shop (3 days each)
  • Christmas Bags RNata Shop (3 days each)
  • Christmas Boxes RNata Shop (5 days each)
  • Christmas Ornaments RNata Shop (3 days each)
  • Animals RNata Shop (3 days each)

Additional Items

    Cross Stitch:
    • Finished Pieces: Cross Stitch (completed and ready to ship)
    • 3D Gingerbread House (2 weeks each)
    • Christmas Stockings (order by June 1; may have some already made and ready to personalize)
    • Monogram
      • Rose Alphabet: White (3 days)
      • Rose Alphabet: Blue (3 days)
    • Birth Announcement
    • Gnomes
      • Navy Gnome (3 weeks)
      • US Marines Gnome (3 weeks)
      • Army Gnome (3 weeks)
      • Coast Guard Gnome (3 weeks)
      • Air Force Gnome (3 weeks)
      • Nurse Gnome (3 weeks)
      • Teacher Gnome (3 weeks)
    • Places
      • Beach (3 weeks)
      • Mountains (3 weeks)
      • Lake (3 weeks)
    • Safari Animals
      • Lion (3 weeks)
      • Elephant (3 weeks)
      • Zebra (3 weeks)
    • Weddings
      • Green Leaves (2 weeks)
      • Blue Flowers (2 weeks)
      • Little Heart (2 weeks)
    • Woodland Critters
      • Badger (3 weeks)
      • Fox (3 weeks)
      • Deer (3 weeks)
    • Wordings

    • Finished Pieces: Embroidery
    • Monogram
      • Little Flower (3 days)
    • Flowers
      • A Quiet Place to Read (1 week)
      • Among the Flowers (2 weeks)
      • Sakura Tree (cherry blossom) (2 weeks)
      • Welcome Autumn (2 weeks)
    • Hearts
      • The Beginning of Bloom (3 weeks)
      • I Love You (2 weeks)
      • You and Me (2 weeks)
      • Beautiful Heartbeat (2 weeks)


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