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Tips & Tricks: Art Class

I have seen that art is another class some people have trouble with as far as what they should be doing. For us it is about the same as PE. I do not use a set curriculum as I just do not see the need for one. You can do art class as cheaply as possible or you do always have the option to outsource to an art tutor/teacher or having your child take a class outside of your regular homeschooling like what we do with gymnastics. Art much like PE you do not need to push. If your child does not want to take an art class I would not force them, too. Here are some of the things that we do: Painting: paint, brushes and paper; we also get canvases Coloring: crayons and paper Cutting and Gluing: kid scissors, glue and paper Drawing: pencils, markers, colored pencils and paper Sculpting: molding clay and maybe some molding tools; you can use Playdoh even although we prefer to use Mad Mattr Art kits: we have reviewed a ton in the past since our daughter loves art Art places: there are many of those