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Review: Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh

This is the last of the new art kits we got. It is called  Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh  and produced by Djeco who we have got a lot of art kits from in the past. This one is similar to the previous scratch and reveal kits we have done. As with all Djeco kits the manual is in all color and done entirely in pictures so it is super easy for young children to follow. You will get the scratching pencil and 4 scratch projects to do. Each one inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's work. You will get a scene of flowers, boats, trees and a house. The manual will show your child which areas need to be fully scratched and which ones will need to have a design scratched into them. Some of these can be overwhelming for younger children since you do have to do a lot of scratching. There are some things that I do if our daughter seems to be getting overwhelmed or bored during art projects like this. I normally give her a choice of what she would like to do. Either she can scratch it throughout the day t

Review: Little Match

We got another card game recently called  Little Match . This is another item by Djeco but it is not an art kit like we normally get. This card game is for ages 2 through 5 and for up to 4 players. You will receive 40 cards and each one has an animal on it. There are 4 different animals: a cat, bunny, owl and butterfly. They are also in 5 different colors: blue, red, yellow, purple and green. Little Match kind of reminds me of the game Go Fish but with a twist. What you will do is mix all the cards together and then deal out 4 cards to each player. The rest of the cards will go in a big pile together in the middle of all the players. The rules state that the youngest player will go first. You turn over a card and place it next to the pile. If you have a card with the same animal or color on it then you get to place it onto the card. If you do not have a matching card then you must draw a card and add it to your playing hand. The first person out of cards wins the game. Here are some ti

Tips & Tricks: Homeschooling With A Little

I see a lot of post asking about how to do school when you have a younger kiddo running around. Our second will be 2 next month but she has been doing "school" since she was around 15 months. If you have a newborn and want to get school done with your newest addition for us it was pretty easy, she stayed in the bouncer or did tummy time while the oldest did school. As she started walking around it got a bit harder. She did not walk until she was a little older than 1 year so I had quite awhile to do school peacefully. Once she started being able to walk around and of course wanting to do everything big sis does it got harder. At first I just gave her toys to play with but toys that would keep her interest for a long time.  Some Items I Use: colored bean bags Haba Palette Pegs Letter Popsicles Rubbabu 3D Animal Shape Sorter Sensory Tissue Box Tactical Search and Match Fine Motor Hedgehog Even now I use these items when we are first starting school. It is almost like school of