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Tips & Tricks: Taking Test

 I know a lot of people wonder how do you deal with testing when you homeschool? First off you need to look into your state laws on homeschooling. In our state you do not need to do any testing. This includes all standardized test like the STARR test. So how do I make sure that our children are retaining the information taught.  Some homeschoolers do not test. Test only show what the student knows about that subject not their overall intelligence. However, I do give test. I bought the history, math and science test booklet that goes with our textbooks. I make sure to write down each main point of the lessons we do and we do a 6 week as well as a 12 week review.  Every 12th week of school I use that as the review. The math work we do goes over everything from the previous 12 weeks so our daughter completes both the math work for that week as well as showing me that we knows how to do the problems from the previous lessons. Two birds one stone kind of thing.  When I do give test from the

Review: Aquarellum - Cosmos Set

 Our daughter absolutely loves art! She’ll do art projects all day long. Her favorite kind of art is painting.  Aquarellum - Cosmos Set  has 2 big painting canvases. You can make so many different colors by mixing the paints together and it comes with a manual to know which paints to mix to get what color.  The only real downside to this art kit is that the paints will stain. Not just clothes but you skin will be stained for a few days, too. That aside though, this is a really fun way to teach mixing colors and your child can be as creative as they want. I do wish it came with more pictures to paint but you do get 2 big projects.  I love that this painting project can be done without my help. I’m able to get our daughter set up with  Aquarellum and get some housework done or tend to little sister. Our daughter gets very excited when she finishes art. She loves to show off her art and hang them all around the house. I love seeing her creativity grow and the pride she takes in her artwor

Tips & Tricks: Making Math Fun

 I love math! It was always my favorite subject in school. Sadly, our daughter does not share my love of math. She will shutdown completely and not even try, even though she is amazing at it. So I have to make math fun so she’ll want to do it. We got this monkey scale a long time ago. I used it at first to show her visually what is bigger/smaller, heavier/lighter, many/few. It worked great and was super fun for her. Since she enjoyed this balance so much I’m incorporating it into our Math-U-See curriculum . She has the physical blocks and the balance to solidify her math knowledge. But the most important part is that she is finding math can be fun. If you teach at a school or at home you know it’s important for the student to enjoy school. For learning to count by a certain number I’ve got another idea. I draw on the driveway a bunch of squares and then write the numbers; example 10, 20, 30, etc. Then your child gets to jump on each number. Not only will they have fun while learning t