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Tips & Tricks: Reading Lessons

Here are some quick videos on different English reading lessons. I hope these help explain why certain words are pronounced the way they are. There will always be exceptions to the rules but for the majority of English words these rules apply. VCCV Words (vowel consonant consonant vowel) Open VS Closed Syllables VCV Words Pt 1   (vowel consonant vowel) VCV Words Pt 2  (vowel consonant vowel) Compound Words Silent e Job 1 Long U and Sound of S Between 2 Vowels Plural Silent E EE says /ē/ Contractions Find Gold Rule ER and Bossy R AR OR Soft C and the 2nd Job of Silent E 3rd Sound of U & Muffled O Soft G 3rd Job of Silent E 4th Job of Silent E & 4th Sound of O Sounds of ED 3rd Sound of A OY & OI AW & AU OW & OU AY & AI Syllable Division: 2 Vowels OA & 2nd Sound of OW 4th Sound of Y Pickle Syllable Pt 1 (5th Job of Silent E) Pickle Syllable Pt 2 Syllable Division: 3 Consonants Pt1 Syllable Division: 3 Consonants Pt 2 Words With Consonant Suffixes Words With Vo

Review: Have I Got A Story For You!

We got an opportunity to check out Have I Got A Story For You! I had never heard of this company before but the videos are by HiGasfy. We are reviewing their renaissance curriculum. I went with this one because in history this year that the time period we are going over. This curriculum has 12 videos you download, a lesson plan, flashcards and a PowerPoint. Downloading the files was a bit annoying because every zip file was missing one of the files so I had to go back to the download link and download them individually. The lesson plans have different ideas of what you can do after you watch the episodes. There are a lot of different ideas so that you can incorporate the videos into other subjects that you teach. The other activities that you can do include art, writing, science and geography. There is a list vocabulary words and even critical thinking questions. I love that critical thinking is in there so that kids have to really think about the questions versus just giving a blanke

Tips & Tricks: Making a Review

 I recently posted on social media the reviews that my daughter did. They were for the 1st 6 weeks of our 2nd grade year. I got asked a lot about them. How did I make them? How did your daughter remember all of this? I also got comments that it is too much, public school does not do that, your history is too involved, etc. So let's start off with how I make a review. For math it is very easy I make a list of everything she learned. On the last week of that 6 or 12 week any math she does that is on that list counts towards the review. Anything on the list that is not done during the week I give her a few problems on each. Because I want to make sure that she has understood the concepts I make the problems hard. If they are too easy there is no way for me to know if she really understands or if she can just do easy problems. For history I make questions based off what I have read from the textbook. I pull out the key information. We also do social studies and geography. I make questi

Tips & Tricks: Learning Space

How do you set up a homeschool space? What does yours look like? Everyone's learning space is going to look a bit different and it may also change as your children get older. You definitely will change the space when your kids are no longer in the preschool to like kinder ages. Some people have enough space to that they can have a dedicated school area but other do not and that is just fine. You do not need a lot of space to get school done. We complete our school day all over the house, in bed, in the living room or dining room. We have gone to the beach and finished school there. One day I hope we are able to turn the garage into a room and then I will have a nice little area just for homeschool. When we did preschool and pre-k I did have a little table set up in the dining room for school but as we got into higher grade I transferred to doing school at a larger table. You do not even need a table to do school a lot of the time our daughter chooses to do school on the floor. And