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Review: Word Fun

I really like using books in our homeschool so I was very pleased to see Word Fun in our 2nd grade kit. This book goes over the different types of words. Nouns, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, conjunction, interjection and preposition are all included. The drawing is really nice and colorful. Our daughter finds the art style to be very funny which keeps her interest in what I am reading and explaining to her. Each new type of word is explained and has the symbol for it. Then you get to read a few passages about if you were that type of word. I really like how they did this book not only does it give you the basic definition of the word but then the passages go more in-depth like saying that a proper noun has a capital letter. It introduces the different kinds of nouns not just giving a blanket idea of nouns. Hands down our favorite thing about this book is that at the end of each section about the kind of word there is a game to play!

We often play the game multiple times while we are reading the passages. Since I only read a couple pages at a time. So for each two page spread the book explains something different about the kind of word we play the game after each one of those spreads in the book. Some of the spreads do have more than one concept about the kind of word it is explaining. For these we play the game twice. I do wish I would have gotten this book sooner. We use Daily 6-Trait for grammar and while it does go over the kinds of words this book was way better in explaining them and I think the use of the games helped out so much more than just doing bookwork on them. Some of the kinds of words have activities for them instead of games like for adjectives. The activity is one that I remember doing in school; you write your name out in a vertical line then write an adjective about yourself that starts with the letters in your name.

This book is so amazing that I count it as a must have! I do really wish that I would have gotten it sooner but I did not know about it. When I originally saw it on Timberdoodle's website I did not think much of it. Even when I got the curriculum in the mail I did not look through it I just thought it was a book to read for English class. But then actually going to use it I was amazed! The way it explains the kinds of words and the games/activities help out so much. It really is a fun book to use. Had I known about this book I would have gotten it for 1st grade but works well with second to since Daily 6-Trait did not as in-depth with the different kinds of words like this book does. The only downside that I found is the book is not very well made. The pages have been falling out and all I do is read the book. Do you know of any books that are like this one but for different school subjects? Let us know in the comment section below.


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