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Cross Stitch: 3D Gingerbread House

 Decorate for the holidays with these cute ginger bread houses! Houses measure about 2.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall. Price 30$ each + shipping: Candy House  Hanging Lights  Decorated Roof  Gingerbread House Candy House Hanging Lights Decorated Roof Gingerbread House

Review: TENZI Game & Card Deck

We love to play games during school and anytime during the day. Our latest game is TENZI Game . At first glance it may seem that this is just a bunch of dice but what we saw are tons of possibilities. The diced are intended to be played by tossing the dice then you collect the ones that do not match and toss those. Everyone playing repeats this process until all of their dice match. Whoever manages to get all their dice matched first wins the game. Our daughter quite enjoys this game. It is easy to understand and can be played very quickly. You get enough dice for up to 4 people to play. If you want to extend your options for games you can play then get these nifty deck of cards; TENZI Card Deck. The card deck will give your a ton of ways to play with the dice. The games range in difficulty so no matter what age your children are I am sure you will find a challenging game for them. What is really great about these diced is that they are able to grow with your child. First, you can use

Review: Famous Figures of Ancient Times

Famous Figures of Ancient Times  goes along so well with The Story of the World . I read what I have to teach that week before hand and look through Famous Figures to see if it has a project for the person being introduced in our history class. There are even little cards that have information about each person. What I really like about Famous Figures is that there are two of each person. One for the teacher and one for the stupor color and put together. Since The Story of the World does not have a lot of pictures it is helpful to put a face to the name of the person they are learning about. I use Timberdoodle’s online scheduler but I took Famous Figures off of it so that I could do it along with our history book when the people where mentioned. The only downside to this book is that it doesn’t come with those little prong pieces to join the people together. We had some leftover from a previous art kit that I used but I am sure you can get them at any art supply store or Walmart. If yo

Facebook Page: Homeschool

When I first started OneLuckeyWife it was only for the crafts that I hand make and sell. Since we started homeschooling I decided to add that into my blog as well. My Instagram will still have both the crafts I sell and our homeschool life lumped together. OneLuckeyWife has a Facebook page which has all the crafts I post pictures of. All 3 (IG, FB and blog) will post about sales and giveaways going on. Giveaways will be specific to one platform at a time. New to OneLuckeyWife is a  Facebook  page for our homeschool world. This page will have when we add a new review, fun things we do at school and milestones. OneLuckeyWife (craft/homeschool) can be reached on IG as OneLuckeyWife . OneLuckeyWife can be reached on FB as One Luckey Wife . OneLuckeyWife: Homeschool can be reached on FB as LuckeyEducationPrep .

Review: The Reading Lesson Book

Even though our daughter started reading very early (1 month before turning 3) I want to make sure she has every opportunity to become the best reader she can be. We use All About Reading as our main reading curriculum but when I saw  The Reading Lesson Book  I had to get it. I wanted to see if it would enhance what our daughter has already learned. This book has 20 lessons and each lesson has sounds and letters to learn. When a new letter is introduced the teacher page before the lesson will tell you how that letter should be pronounced. The very beginning shows the difference between a letter, word and a sentence. I like this because when a child is first learning to read they probably do not know there is a difference. They may only know that a page has a bunch of letters in it.  The book starts off with combining two letter sounds to get before moving onto sounding out a full word. I was surprised that lesson 3 has the “th” sound. The book really just has the child read “the” but

Crafts: Custom Orders

I have done many custom orders in past. If you see a pattern/item that you would really like just send me an email ( or message me on Instagram or FaceBook . I will make inquiries on if I can sell the finished piece. I am able to crochet, cross stitch, embroider and do diamond paintings/dots. Custom orders do not have an additional fee but some may require a non-refundable deposit. If you are looking to have a custom order done for a specific event/holiday then get with me sooner rather than later. I have a queue and each item I make is handmade so they take time to create. I have done some rush orders before. If you need to rush an order there will be an extra charge depending on how soon the order needs to be delivered.

Cross Stitch: My Field of F**ks

*Adult Language* Every just not really care and want a visual representation of it? Look no further! Price:      100$ + shipping 

Review: Deep in the Jungle Mosaics

 Art! Art! Art! We love art class. WThis time we went with  Deep in the Jungle Mosaics . It is another Djeco kit since our daughter has really enjoyed the other Djeco kits that we have gotten from Timberdoodle. We have done a mosaic arts and craft be Djeco before so our daughter knew exactly what to do with this one. Do not fret though. If your child has never done one before it will be still be easy for them to do this art kit. Djeco’s manuals are easy ti follow. It is entirely done in pictures and then you do what the pictures show. Very easy and very simple for a young child to do on their own. If you have read some of my other reviews the. You know that I like things that our daughter can do on her own. That way she can be occupied if I need to get some housework done or have to tend to little sis.  Deep in the Jungle Mosaics has 4 projects like the other Djeco kits we have done. And as always I wish they had more than 4 since our daughter loves doing arts and crafts. This particul

Review: Natural World Workshop

 A lot of people say that you can never have to many books. This is true but it is also true for art supplies and kits! Our daughters favorite subject in homeschool is art. This time we got the  Natural World Workshop  kit. It is another art kit made by Djeco. It is a water color painting arts and crafts. What I love about Djeco kits is that the manuals are super easy to follow. Everything is shown step by step on how you are supposed to do the art kit. It is perfect for kids as they can just look at the pictures in the manual and complete the craft on their own. They do not need to read anything so it is no problem to do even if your child does not know how to read yet. I love that I can get out daughter set up with a Djeco kit and get some work done while she is having fun and being productive. Natural World Workshop has 4 projects to do and as always I do wish to at it had more. The 4 boards are absolutely adorable! There is an under the sea, a desert oasis, a rainforest and a snow

Tips & Tricks: Burnout

Recently, I have seen a lot of post on FaceBook asking what to do when you or your child is burnt out from school. Do you continue and push though the boredom, frustration or tears? I have some ideas on how to combat this burnout. I would suggest to implement these ideas when you start to see your child getting a bit bored or can tell when they are getting a little frustrated. We do not really have burnout because I regularly do the things suggested. You can choose to not do school for a couple days. Just have some free time.  We do a lot of games while at school. They are all educational games but fun for kids.  Take school somewhere else. We have done school in the bed, outside, at the beach, etc.  have your child pick what items they do. By this I do not mean that if your child does not want to do math then you don’t do it. I mean I sometimes let our daughter pick what order we do our work in. We still do every subject that was planned for that day.  Do a science experiment. Even if

Review: Imagidice

 What a fun and interesting way for a child to be creative.  Imagidice  is perfect for becoming a great story teller. The box has dice with different pictures and the manual will tell you what each picture means. Then you tell a story using the block you have rolled. You can take turns of have a one person tell a story at a time. With the many dice and 6 pictures on each one your story is bound to be different every time. Our daughter really likes these and I think it is because she can be super creative. She loves to make funny stories and quite enjoys listening to the stories that we make up. We normally do a few rounds once to twice during our school week. As our daughter gets older I am hooping she gets even better with story telling. So, we will be using Imagidice during our next few years of school as well. Definitely check them out and see what your child would enjoy. 

Review: Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 1

 Since I was not a marvelous writing when I was in school (mostly due to my dyslexia) I wanted to make sure that our daughter had a better understanding of how to write a proper sentence. I got just that with  Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 1 . Before the lessons for each week there is a lesson plan for each day. At the end of every week there is a writing prompt to practice the skills from the lessons emailer in the week. There are 125 lessons in this little workbook. There is a rubric in the front so you can score your child’s work. If you have never scored an English paper there is a page before the rubric explaining how to use it properly. The back of the book has a proofreading paper. It tells you the symbols you should use when you are reading over your child’s work. These symbols will be the same that a school or college would use to proofread an essay.  The workbook can be used doing 1 lesson per day during the week. However, since our school year is from January to December we on