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Reviews: All About Reading Level 4

 We have finished All About Reading Level 4 ! I am so glad that we started using this program from All About Learning Press. It is hands-down the best if you want to teach anyone to read. This last level goes over the rare teams, unexpected phonic sounds, and words that are borrowed from other languages. The break down of each lesson is amazing not only for the teacher but the student as well. The games incorporated make it really intriguing for the student. I absolutely love the little readers that come with each level. The lessons are perfectly spaced out so that it isn't too much at one time. I love the way the teacher's manual is done. As a dyslexic teaching another dyslexic I couldn't be happier with the teaching method. A lot of the things taught in all 4 levels of All About Reading I learned for the first time. I had never learned them in public school but am so glad I am able to teach them to my own kids. While most American adults read at a 7-8 grade level my seven

Valentine's Day: Show the Love

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Review: Fix It Grammar

I wanted something more for grammar. While Daily 6-Trait is good, I felt it was more of a supplement that a full grammar curriculum. So I asked around and got a recommendation for Fix It Grammar by IEW . I decided to get it on Amazon because it was the same price as IEW website ($30) but I got free shipping. I really love this grammar book. It is set up with a lesson page that teaches about the part of speech for that week, how to mark it (like n for noun), and it has little ways of helping you memorize certain parts. After the lesson page there are 4 pages where your child will fix the mistakes and mark the parts of speech. I use the lesson page for Mondays and then the other 4 are spaced out for Tues. thru Fri.  I did read a review that said the way the child learns is by looking at the answer and there are no instructions. I actually use the teacher booklet to go through the lesson of the week with my daughter. She gets the same page in her student booklet. I have her highlight the

Tips & Tricks: Attention Span

I have seen people ask about their child's attention span. Other will get people telling them that they do not do school for long enough, blah, blah, blah. Here is my take on it. You do not need to do school as long as public school does. Do you know why it takes them so long? Because they have 25-36 kids to teach at a time! That will definitely take longer than teaching 1-5+ kids. There is no reason your child needs to sit doing school at home for 8 hours a day when they finish the lesson for the day in half an hour. The attention span is different. Each child will have a different length they are able to actively focus on things. Some children can focus for hours and others only a little bit. This is fine. Your child will build up their attention span a long the way.  Just like how popcorn pops at different times but they are all in the same bag; every child will pop when they are ready. What I do is when I see our daughter is at her limit I stop the lesson. This is especially do

Flash Cards & Games

 I am very excited to announce that I am now offering flash card and game printables! Each set it 3$. You will be able to print them as often as you like. Just send an email to and let me know which ones you’d like. If you’d like me to make flash cards for you they start at 10$.  Here are the available flash cards: Japanese Hiragana (regular or colorful) Japanese Katakana (regular or colorful) Japanese Numbers (cards (regular or colorful) or game) Japanese Colors (cards or game) Japanese Months (cards or game) Japanese Shapes (cards or game) Spanish Colors (cards or game) Spanish Numbers (cards game) Spanish Months/Days of the Week (cards or game)

Tips & Tricks: Making Learning Fun

IF your child says they are bored or that they do not like school there are lots of ways to make school more fun for them. Here are a few ways that I make school more fun for our daughters: we use a lot of games that are educational most of them are critical thinking games you can use games that work on math as well like monopoly sometimes I let our daughter pick what class we do next for classes she is not as fond of I turn them into a game she does not like English class so I spread out all her reading cards and have her find them or she is an animal and has to catch the words by reading them properly using something other an a pencil to write with can make it more fun crayons, colored pencils, etc. for older kids you could let them type their notes talk in a funny voice this probably only works for younger kids become a new person you could have a different persona when you teach certain classes do more experiments with your science lessons take a class outside if you have to read a

Tips & Tricks: How to Study

Why did I not make a good great? I studied, what went wrong? Studying starts with proper note taking. If you are studying for a class that has equations you will want to memorize these and do practice problems so that you know how to use them properly. Maybe make a chart on the equations you have learned. If the class has a textbook you can reread sections or look over any handouts you complete or where given. Reread your notes many times. Do not just have one cram session the night before. Instead take an hour or so each day to go over the important things for that class. If anything is confusing then ask your teacher, use Google, reread your notes or textbooks to see if you can understand them. Sometimes it will take a few times of reading something to fully grasp the concept being presented.  Public school teachers often have open class hours either before or after school go to these if you, too. If you are homeschooled you can ask your teacher anytime and I am sure they will be wil