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Review: Rubbabu 3D Animal Shape Sorter

Puzzles are always fun for kids.  Rubbabu 3D Animal Shape Sorter  has good size pieces that are both soft and have different colors. Personally through I can not stand the feels of the pieces. It is crush velvet which I absolutely hate touching. However, both our kiddos don’t mind it at all. The board the pieces go into is also soft and bendable just like the pieces. This really makes it a great first puzzle for kids. I like to have them pretend that the board is like a zoo with the tree being the middle of the zoo. While our youngest can focus on putting the pieces where they go and learning the animals; our oldest can focus on learning directions. For example: what animal is west of the tree? I really enjoy that I can use this puzzle with both my kids and each learn something that is age appropriate. It’s very sweet to see them take turns and for big sis to help lil sis. I feel this puzzle has just the right number of pieces. I do wish that the animals had faces but the silhouettes o

Review: Pixel Baby

Pixel Baby  reminds me of another game that we had got from Timberdoodle called Small Pegs . This comes with many different cards that children can complete by putting the 3 shape pixels in the correct spot. I like that our youngest could play with this while our oldest works on the activity with pieces that are small and work that is more advanced. First, they can just practice putting the pixels on the board for some good old fine motor skills. Then the littles can start to match up there colors to the correct spots and finally they can learn some basic shapes while completing the different cards. Starting at the right step for your child is important because you don't want them to get discouraged if what you are asking for is too hard for them. Our oldest wanted to help little sis with this game. She showed her how to place the pieces and explained colors and shapes to her. This is another game that can grow with the kiddos as they learn the basics. And by having them play it to

Review: Tactile Search and Math

Absolutely love this for the younger kids. What better way to show a bunch of different textures a then by a hands-on toy. Tactile Search and Match , which I got from Timberdoodle, is big enough for the littles not to choke on. Our 8 month old plays with these all throughout and doesn’t seem to get bored at all. I can have her feel the pieces and match by that or match by colors. In this way it can grow with your child for a little bit. There are 9 different rubber textures that your child will be introduced, too. They are meant to match them to the correct tactile spots on the board. What I like is that not only are they getting sensory play but they get an introduction to colors as well. So, even if a child doesn’t like the feel of the objects they can sort them by the bright colors. If your child is not ready to match the pieces yet that is fine. You can see if they know the colors and can pick the ones that you ask for. I really appreciate that the pieces are bigger so that even yo

Review: Haba Palette of Pegs

 Now that we have two kiddos I’m always looking for a way for them to play together. As a homeschool teacher I also want their activities to be educational.  Haba Palette of Pegs  hits both the check boxes. What is really great about this “game” is that they can learn many different things with one activity. Matching colors, counting, motor skills, etc. This is also something where my oldest can really get into being a big sister by helping or trying to teach little sis things. They get lots of fine motor skills while trying to place the colorful circles on the cylinder pegs. While placing the matching circles they learn some of their colors. And by doing these “game” together the girls learn sharing, taking turns and great to bond over something both fun and educational. All of these make this activity game worth it. I have to often remind my oldest to let little sis do things on her own so that she learns but then that can become a lesson for her. Things that I can use to teach both

Custom Work

 Have crochet things you love but they aren’t apart of the items I sell? No worries! I accept custom commissions. As long as I have (or can find) a pattern I can make whatever you like. Sometimes I’m limited; for example characters that trademarked or copyrighted I cannot sell. Just email (, or ask on Instagram or FaceBook . I’ll get back with you as soon as I can. Please keep in mind crochet and cross stitch items take time to make as both are entirely handmade by me. I do have a queue sometimes so the sooner you get on the list the better!