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Review: GridBlock

Our daughter loves to play games at school so we always get a few when we order our curriculum from Timberdoodle. We’ve been play GridBlock  quite a lot because it really is that much fun. The pieces are very well made which is great because then they stand up to the wear and tear of a 5 year old. I think the board isn’t as well made as the pieces which is a shame but doesn’t inhibit the game play in anyway. We did lose of the pieces recently though. So I contacted Fat Brain Toy Co and they are sending us a replacement piece free of charge which is very nice of them. The game can be played with 2 to 4 players. The object of the game is to get all your pieces on the board before the other people. The first one to not be able to place their piece loses. The rules are very simple. 1: pieces much touch a piece of the same color. 2: pieces of same shape can not touch.  What is very nice about this game is that all the pieces fit nicely inside the board so if you’d like to toss the box then

Review: Q-bitz Solo

I am always on the hunt for fun games. Games that can be played by one person are a huge plus because then I am able to tend to little sis or get some housework done. Our oldest is able to have fun and possibly learning at the same time. O-bitz Solo  checks both the single player and educational boxes. The game itself is actually very small so it is easy to store and fits perfectly into any bag to be taken on the road. You will get 16 cubes and a bunch of problem cards in a cute little tin box.  The purpose of the game is to recreate the black and white cards on your board with the colored cubes. This particular game works on those ever so important critical thinking skills. The game itself is very simple but you must place the cubes the correct way in order for them to resemble what is on the cards. Making the cubes face the same way is what younger children will find challenging. If your child is having trouble facing the cubes correctly you can help them along the way. When the prob

Review: Mathematical Reasoning A

 For kindergarten I decided to get Mathematical Reasoning Beginnings 1  and 2  just to have as extra practice for our daughter. Mathematical Reasoning A  is more for a kindergartener so I use it as more of a confidence builder since our daughter knows everything in the book. Some reasons I like Mathematical Reasoning are because it is colorful, bright, fun and our daughter has really enjoyed doing the math work in it. I decided to keep it in a binder (2 inch) along with Mathematical Reasoning B . I tore out the perforated pages and hole punched them. We use a sheet protector so that we can reuse the pages for more practice and then I can use them for our second child when she’s old enough.  The booklet starts off very simple with shapes, numbers and colors. I do like that it goes over even and odd because some of the other math books skip this. It also goes over 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc which I find very important because your student will need to understand this for lots of other things lik

Finished Pieces: Cross Stitch

In  a hurry for a gift? Can’t wait to have a piece made? Here are all the finished cross stitch pieces I have for sale.  5$ + shipping  10$ + shipping  15$ + shipping 

Finish Pieces: Embroidery

In a hurry for a gift? Can’t wait to have a piece made? Here are all the finished embroidery pieces I have for sale.  15$ + shipping  20$ + shipping 

New Craft

 I have started a new craft. Embroidery! This is a craft using fabric, needle and thread. Unlike with cross stitch, embroidery has a bit of a 3D effect since the thread is raised up a bit. These are my first few attempts. If you’d like to inquire about already finished pieces or custom work you may email me at