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Review: Doodle Washington D.C.

 Art meets history. I have never been to D.C. and our daughter has not been there either so most of what the book has we know nothing of. Never the less it does not hinder the learning in anyway. When I do not know of a monument or whatever it is I look it up and then explain it in a way that our daughter can easily understand. Some of the pages in the book are very simple. All the student needs to do is simply draw what is asked or copy a piece of US history. Since our daughter loves to draw she quite enjoys this book. If you are looking for something to enhance your history or art class then this would be a wonderful little book to get. 

Review: World Scrunch Map

 Need a map that can stand up to ware and tear? Then  Word Scrunch Map  is the perfect fit. It is big enough so all the little details can easily be seen. This map would make a wonderful addition to any classroom. It would be easy to hang up all the time. If you do not have space for such a big map need not worry. World Scrunch Map can be crumpled up and stuffed into a nice little baggie that comes with it. So as not to overwhelm our daughter for now I am just focusing on the continents and oceans. Later on I plan on adding in the 50 states to our lessons. Hands down I do suggest this map for anyone who is in of a way to teach about the world. 

Review: Wrap-Ups Addition & Subtraction

 When I first saw these little wrap-ups I really wanted to get them. I thought they looked like so much fun. Each one has a bunch of addition  and subtraction  “boards”. What you do is start with the numbers on the left and wrap the cord to the answer on the right. For example; 7 - 1 you would start the cord on the 7 notch and wrap the cord to the 5 notch on the right. If you complete all the problems correctly then when you flip over the board all the lines on the back will be covered by the cord. These are really easy to pack in your bag and take with for the kids to do in the altar or when your waiting at the doctor, etc. I really like that they are very sturdy and the cord isn’t flimsy. These would make a great addition to any classroom or for some extra help if your child needs it. I definitely plan on getting the multiplication and division wrap-ups when I start teaching those concepts. 

Review: Math-U-See Alpha

We used Math-U-See Primer  last year and I found it to be a really great curriculum so we continued this year with Math-U-See Alpha . Math-U-See is a mastery based curriculum so once you’re child has mastered the concept then you move on. The blocks really do help because children get both the visual and auditory lessons. Sometimes the book does have problems from a previous lesson. If your child does need extra work on a certain concept then I suggest that you go to the Math-U-See website. They have worksheets you can print out for your child to practice with.  I do prefer workbooks that are in bright colors but these pages are in black and while. Even though the workbook is not in color they do suggest that you have the student color the squares the same color as the blocks provided which I have found to be very useful with memorization. You do not have a color the squares though if you do not want, too. The workbook has 5 to 6 pages for each lesson. Page 6 is pretty easy with not a

Review: Walk the Dog

 Educational games are a must for us. The child gets the fun of a game and has no idea they are learning as well. We have a lot of Smart Game items because I think working on critical thinking is a super important thing for children. To add to the collection we got  Walk the Dog . This one requires you to place the dog walkers and their dogs in the right spots so that the animal are not next to another animal because they might not like each other. I like that the game pieces are very well made and do not get damaged from the child playing. What all is included in this game? You get the game board, a tree, 3 dog walkers with dogs, 2 cats and a dog. You also get a cute bag to put all the pieces in when you are done. The booklet/manual included has 80 challenges to do. Each challenge done gets more difficult as you go through them. The front 2 pages of the manual has the instructions of how the pieces should and can be placed. You can not have any animals side by side, the leashes can no