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Review: TENZI Game

We love to play games during school and anytime during the day. Our latest game is TENZI Game. At first glance it may seem that this is just a bunch of dice but what we saw are tons of possibilities. The diced are intended to be played by tossing the dice then you collect the ones that do not match and toss those. Everyone playing repeats this process until all of their dice match. Whoever manages to get all their dice matched first wins the game. Our daughter quite enjoys this game. It is easy to understand and can be played very quickly. You get enough dice for up to 4 people to play. If you want to extend your options for games you can play then get these nifty deck of cards; TENZI Card Deck.

What is really great about these diced is that they are able to grow with your child. First, you can use them to help teach numbers 1 through 6 when your child is starting out learning their numbers. They can help with correlation between numbers and how many dots are on the dice. Then you can even use them to help with adding and subtracting. A fun way to practice these is by letting your child toss the dice themselves and have them choose which dice to start with. 

To help with number correlation your child can toss the dice and tell you which ones are which. Or you can have them put them in numerical order, pick out which ones are odd or even. The possibilities go on and on. You could have them toss the dice until they all show up odd or even. And you do not have to just have your child play on their own. Join in with whatever your student is doing and they will no doubt have more fun. I strongly believe that the more fun a student is having the better they will learn. That is why I make sure to have lots of educational games. We get most if not all of our games from Timberdoodle. They have such a wide variety of educational games to choose from for children of all ages.

We also use the dice to add additional fun to physical education class. Pick an activity like jumping jacks, hoping on one leg, push up, etc. Then have your child roll the dice and they must do that many of the activity. Our daughter loves this game and has even more fun if I join in with her. It helps with number correlation and gets your child activity. What games do you play with these dice? If you can think of any additional games or ideas for these dice let us know in the comments below. We would love to try out the fun games you all have come up with. Have you been able to guess what reviews come next? Here are the clues for our next review?


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