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Valentine's Day: Show the Love

Wife, husband, siblings, parents, friends, whoever you want to show your love for would be delighted to receive such cuteness! Double Heart - $10 + shipping Valentine's Minis - $10 each + shipping Teddy Bear - $15 + shipping

Review: Fix It Grammar

I wanted something more for grammar. While Daily 6-Trait is good, I felt it was more of a supplement that a full grammar curriculum. So I asked around and got a recommendation for Fix It Grammar by IEW . I decided to get it on Amazon because it was the same price as IEW website ($30) but I got free shipping. I really love this grammar book. It is set up with a lesson page that teaches about the part of speech for that week, how to mark it (like n for noun), and it has little ways of helping you memorize certain parts. After the lesson page there are 4 pages where your child will fix the mistakes and mark the parts of speech. I use the lesson page for Mondays and then the other 4 are spaced out for Tues. thru Fri.  I did read a review that said the way the child learns is by looking at the answer and there are no instructions. I actually use the teacher booklet to go through the lesson of the week with my daughter. She gets the same page in her student booklet. I have her highlight the