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Tips & Tricks: Toddler Schedule

Do we have a schedule? Absolutely! If not, our life would be crazy. Since we homeschool I don’t wake up our daughter at a specific time. I just let her wake up on her own which is normally around 6-7am. Wish she’d sleep in later but she doesn’t. We get breakfast, dressed, brush teeth, take Togepi (the house chicken) out and just hangout until around 10am. I get out the school for the day and make a snack to have while doing school. After we finish school, I get house chores done for the day. Dishes, laundry, clean rooms and mopping. Our daughter loves to help clean for some reason she thinks it’s fun. I hope she keeps enjoying helping me and cleaning. While cleaning I take many breaks to play games and read with my Monkey. We sometimes take longer breaks to play outside. She loves riding her bike, blowing bubbles, watching Ice (my dog) catch bubbles and just running around. Sometimes we go to the beach she gets to feed the birds, catch fish and play in the sand.  We have

Our Monkey

Every parent loves to talk about their kid. I’m no different so here’s a bit about my mini me. She’s is very much a tiny version of myself. At 4 months old we were told by her pediatrician that she would need to go to a cranial surgeon to see if she had craniosynostosis; which is the plates in the skill fusing together soon than they should. When your baby is 4 months old you don’t want to hear “she’d have her head cracked open.” I feel like the pediatrician could have worded it differently. After getting X-rays and seeing the surgeon for 5 months he decided that our daughter was just small and on her own growth chart. He told us she would just be like me short and small. We realized early on that even though she was a late talker our monkey was very bright. By 2 she was only saying 33 words but knew 0-10, upper, lowercase letters and some letter sounds, dark and light colors as well as shapes. She even knew odd shapes like trapezoid and rhombus. Body parts, animals and their so