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Review: Chicken Shuffle Jr.

Everyone who knows me knows I love chickens so I just had to snatch up this gem. It’s another great game by Smart Games . I have found this game to be extremely challenging even for me. It’s meant or 4+ but it is really hard. The challenge cards are inside the game and you slide the chickens so that each egg is covered by a hen. Since this game is so difficult my daughter and I take turns moving the chickens in hopes that we figure out the solution. Our critical thinking juices are flowing and its a great bonding time for us. Even if it takes us a long time to figure out the answers it’s fun to play and will get easier over time. A great lesson for her to never give up. 

Review: Smart Car Mini

This is such a cute little game for the young kiddos.   Smart Games has made the piece small enough for a child to hold nicely. It comes with a little booklet of challenges and the solutions to them. What I really like is that the pieces have a good weight to them. It’s not some flimsy, cheap toy. My daughter really loves this game because the wheels actually work so she’s can play with it after completing a challenge. My favorite part is that this game is a real challenge for her. We’ve had other critical thinking games but none have been hard even to really get her brain moving. This one does that! It is meant for 6+ and she is 3 so I think that’s why this one makes her think. 

Review: First Sticker Book Jobs

This is such a great book to get your child engaged with hands-on activity while learning about some jobs around their community. What I really like about this Usborne book is that’s it gives a description of the scene so the reader knows what’s going on. Then the child gets to place a bunch of stickers to complete the scene. Our daughter had a bunch of fun seeing what different job places look like. The downside is that there isn’t a lot of descriptions so what I did was explain to her what the people do in the jobs. Whenever we go over occupations I always like to ask if she worked there what job would she like to do best. So far she’d like to be a reporter the best. Usborne has other really great books that are about jobs. 

Homeschool: PreK End of Year Expectations

At the beginning of the year I go through our curriculum and set expectations. I do try to keep them with in reason because our daughter is young (2-3yrs old). This year she did  Timberdoodle PreK Elite Kit . She completed everything in the kit and did amazing at every review throughout the year. Here were my expectations going in: English: With using All About Reading Pre-Reading , I felt she should fully know her letters upper and lower; mostly because she already knew them a good amount. She also knew some of the sounds so I thought by the end of the year she should know all the sounds. I think going hand-in-hand with knowing your letters you should have a good grasp on alphabetical order. By the middle of April she was reading. She has read quite a few books since then all have 3 letter words but I am so impressed that she is reading in general.  Math: We used Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1 & 2 . Knowing 0-10, counting to 10 with no mistakes, completing pat

Homeschool: Kindergarten Unboxing

In January, we start our new school year. My little girl has been so excited to start kindergarten after seeing what’s in the kit. As always there will be reviews and after finishing expectation post. So, let's get into this kit! I got the  Timberdoodle Kindergarten Elite Kit , I did get some extra things as well. English: Spelling You See Level A , Big Letter Bananagrams , Italic Handwriting Book B (I switched for this instead) and All About Reading Level 1 . The papers in the sheet protector are the student lesson pages for AAR. I had already took them out and cut the ones that needed to be cut prior to the pictures. Math: Math-U-See Primer , Buggzle Puzzle and Geoboards  (I added this in).  Science: Building Blocks of Science - Book K , Look Inside Your Body , Boom! Fun With Science and My Very First Body Book (I added this in).  Geography/Social Studies: What Your Kindergartener Needs to Know , This Is How We Do It , Geopuzzle Complete Boxed

24 Days of Lisa the Elf

Hello everyone! I am a Scout Elf from the North Pole and have decided to take over this post for the next 24 days. This year I finally got my family assignment from Santa. Upon arriving at my little girl’s home I got right to work setting up my display. I wanted her to know she needs to name me, find where I’ll be each day and give her a special treat since this sweet little girl has been sick since Thanksgiving. December 1st: Now I had a typo. I know Christmas Eve is the 24th but in my rush I wrote the 25th. But I made sure to let her know to get a cookie from the kitchen as a special treat. My name was specially chosen and it’s Lisa. December 2nd: Since the whole family is sick I thought I’d setup where I can watching over them as they rest and get better.  December 3rd: When I got back from visiting Santa I decided I wanted a good view of school time. Homeschool is so cool and a lot fun! I wanted to join in the learning but Santa says I can’t talk or move when th