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Review: Baby Gym Books

Our daughter loves loves loves singing. So, when I saw these books called Baby Gym by Child's Play I new I wanted to get them. You get a set of 2 board books. Each book has different rhymes in it that you sing to your baby. What makes this set of rhyme books so interesting is that each book has instructions on what to do with baby while you sing the rhymes. The first book is titled Touch and Tickle. This one I would suggest more for babies who are still doing tummy time. The book has you lay baby down and tickle them or make different motions on their back, hands, etc. This will help a young baby understand that they have hands, feet, a back, etc. The second book is titled Bounce and Jiggle. This book has instructions for holding baby on your lap and bouncing them, moving them from side to side, etc. I would suggest this for babies who can hold their heads up or toddlers. Both books can certainly be read/sung to any age baby or toddler. Our daughter is almost 2 and she loves these. 

What I really like about these are that they are board books so they are sturdy. Our daughter can not tear them apart like paper books. The size of these two rhyming books is actually a lot larger than I thought they would be. I find that this is nice because I have eye sight problems and it means the pictures can be much bigger. The artwork in these books is super cute, very colorful and bright. I really like books that have color to them because since our daughter is almost 2 she is starting to learn her colors and she is able to point them out in the books we read together. Our daughter really loves to point out every baby in these two books. A huge positive is that reading books to your child helps with bonding with them but since these two are interactive while you sing the rhymes it means even greater bonding. The book even give you some advice like eye contact with baby is key.

I would definitely recommend the Baby Gym set of books. They basically grow with baby, are cute, big, board books. The bonding you will get with your child will make you so happy trust me. Both you and your baby will have a lot of fun with these I know our daughter and I really enjoyed these. She actually brings these to me multiple times a day. Another book that is similar to these is Pat-a-Cake. I would suggesting getting both of these that way you can have fun rhyming, interactive books to use as your little one grows. Those baby moments go by so fast. Both of these we have gotten from Timberdoodle and they are also included in their amazing Tiny Tots Kit. Do you have any fun interactive books for your little ones? Any rhyming or song books you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.


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