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Review: Bata-waf

We got this new math game called Bata-waf which is made by Djeco. This game comes with 36 cards. Each one has a character on it and the numbers 1 through 6 listed on the left side. At first look I thought that this was a simple game for small children to just say how tall the characters were but it is actually the game of war made for kids ages 3 to 6. This is a 2 person game. The designs on the cards are very simple and some of the characters look quite comical. The colors used are very easy on the eyes since they are nice neutral colors. What I like is that not all the same number cards have the same character on them which makes the cards very interesting. The numbers on the cards are very easy to see and they are written very neatly so that children will recognize them. Even if your child does not have a firm grasps on numbers this game could grow with them. You could use it to start out with learning numbers or help them with recognizing a few letters at a time. This is what we are doing with our youngest since she is just starting to learn her numbers.

Even if a child can not recognize the numbers quickly they can look and see which card is more filled in. Each card is colored the same based on how tall the characters are. You can place the cards side by side and let the child choose which one is taller. So, the point of the game is to split the cards evenly and you keep them face down. Next, each player will draw one card from the top and whoever's card is the higher number they get to collect both cards. Now I should have read the instructions more clearly because when my daughter and I got the same number card I used the same rules from a regular card game of war. However, in this version you will place one card face down and then place the second card face up. Which ever card is the higher number at this point that person collects all the cards that have been placed down. If you run out of cards then you will gather all the cards that you have won and use those as your new deck. You will continue these rules until one player is completely out of cards.

I would absolutely recommend this game. It can grow with your child and it is super fun. The cards are a great size for small hands to hold on to. It is a very simple game but an awesome way to teach numbers, which number is bigger and how tall something is. We got this game from Timberdoodle and it comes in their Preschool kit. There are a bunch of great items in this kit for your young children. Do you have any cool games like this for your child? Maybe one that would help with the alphabet, shapes or colors?


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