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Review: Animals & Their Homes Multi-Activity Box

This is our newest Djeco kit called Animals & Their Homes Multi-Activity Box. Arts and crafts are always super fun and this kit has 6 different projects to work on. All the supplies you will need come in the box except for a pencil that you will need for one of them. The projects your child will get to complete are coloring, gluing, sticker, cutting, transfer and building. The manual of course is all done in pictures so easy for your child to figure out on their own. I love this because then our daughter can do them on her own if I need to tend our youngest or get some housework done. However, we normally do arts and crafts together. It is really fun and great bonding time. First, we did 1 of the 2 coloring projects. Both are cats. You color it with the 3 double sided crayons then add the stickers. The crayons are a great size for young kids whose hands are still growing.

Second, we did the gluing kit. This one only has one to do. As I have mentioned in my other reviews of Djeco kits the glue stick they provide is terrible. I strongly suggest using a hot glue gun. The picture is of a clown dog. For this project there are googly eyes, pompoms and punch out pieces of colored cardboard. Both the googly eyes and pompoms will not stick with the glue stick they provide. Third, we did the sticker kit. This one has 2 to choose from a fish and a turtle. Our daughter chose the turtle. The sticker projects are super simple. The child will just place the corresponding foam stickers where they go. Fourth one we did was the cutting. These are 4 different ones a chick, zebra, fox and owl. Our daughter picked the fox. These they will just punch out, fold along the lines and pop the notches into the slots. Then they get to use the safety kid scissors provided to cut the top part. Finally, you glue the googly eyes on. Again I used a hot glue gun for this because they will not stick with the glue provided. 

Fifth was probably the coolest project in the kit. It is a transfer one. I have never seen any art kits like this one but I will definitely but looking for more. It comes with a huge house and 2 sticker sheets do decorate it with. You will need a pencil since it is not provided in the box. What you will do is peel off the back page to the stickers, place the sticker page with the stickers facing you and rub them with the pencil. Once you peel off the sticker page it has transferred to the house board. You can even place a sticker on another sticker. Both my daughter and I had a ton of fun with this. She decided we would take turns placing stickers and we got to chat it up while we did this craft together. The last one she did was the building one. The kit comes with 3 to choose from a  cat, dog and mouse. Just punch out the cardboard, place the correct stickers on the bodies of the animals and then assemble them together. Our daughter picked the cat to start with. I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone and everyone. It comes in Timberdoodle's Kindergarten Kit. Do you have any fun arts and crafts you do? Do you know of any other transfer art kits? Please let us know in the comment section below.


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A fun way to help kids get great hand-eye coordination isn’t with  Geoboards . I love that with these there are 4 boards included so you can use it with multiple students. The rubber bands are different colors and 2 different sizes. The pictures are fun, colorful and you get a bunch of them. My daughter really likes these. For some reason she thinks it’s so funny when the bands pop her. At first I just let her place the bands anywhere to get the idea of how to put them on. Then we started places them just on the white lines in the picture. She always wants to do more than one so I let her do as many pictures as she wants. I do wish there was a blanket picture so she could design her own things. 

Tips & Tricks: Grading

When grading first thing you need to do is check your state laws on homeschool. Some states require you to keep record of your curriculum and and grading while some don’t. I do not have to keep any records or grading. Since I use Timberdoodle they have an awesome online scheduler that I use. It has all the curriculum that we use and in the check boxes I put the grades. At the end of each year I keep the scheduler pages so I have records. Below is how I grade things. I also do not show our daughter the grades or tell her them. I don’t want her to worry about getting a bad grade. When she’s in middle school and high school grades that’s when I’ll start letting her know about grade.  My grading system: Pre-K - 2 Grade: she will not see the grade E: excellent; no extra work needed; 100-90% S: satisfactory; give a little extra work; 89-80% N: needs improvement; give a lot of extra work; 79-0% 3 - 5 Grade: she will only see letter grade if she wants to know her grade A: 100-90%

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How do you make a class schedule? When do you do which subjects? How long do you do a class? Does each day look the same? It is easy to make a homeschool schedule since you can school however you like. Since we use Timberdoodle we have access to their online schedule which over the years has been updated to be an outstanding way to schedule our subjects. If you do not use Timberdoodle I would suggest using Excel. If you know a website that allows you to create a schedule (for free) then let me know in the comments. The first thing I do make our schedule is make a list of all of our items and mark which ones I think will be challenging and which will be easy. Core subjects would be harder than things like STEM and thinking skills. Then I use that list to make another list on what day we will do each item. Making sure that not one day will be to hard or to easy. I like it to be pretty even as well as each day having about the same number of items. Some subjects we do everyday those are E