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Tips & Tricks: Social Interaction

I do get asked from time to time what we do so that our kids get to play with other kids. A lot of people think they will be weird since they do not go to public school.

1. Not going to public school will not make my kids weird. I’m their mom they were born weird. 
2. There are a lot of weird kids in public school, too. 

Even though our kids don’t have interaction with kids everyday they get social interaction in lots of other ways. We are in a homeschool group that meets for play date, field trips and holiday events. Our oldest is also in gymnastics. Our youngest is to young for an extracurricular but she will be in one when she’s old enough. We also play with the neighbor who has a daughter around the same age as our oldest. She is able to hold her own side of a conversation with anyone from baby to adult. I have no doubt that our youngest will be the same when she’s a bit older. What ways do you get social interaction? Our oldest will make friends anywhere. Walks up to kids at the park “hi I’m ___. Want to play with me?”


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