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Review: Postman Observation Game

Looking for a fun matching game that is not just laying down a bunch of cards and playing memory? Look no further because Postman Observation Game is the game for you. You will need a good amount of space to play this game since the jigsaw puzzle pieces are quite large. Because you get to place the pieces together however you want the board can always be different. This is such a unique aspect to this matching game. I have not come across a game that is set up this way so it is very cool to me. This game is also not set up in a win or lose style. Every player is on the same team as you try and deliver all the envelops. You will also get a deck of cards with Postman Observation Game and a baggie of letters. Each card in the deck show a different house on the board that you will need to find and place a letter on. As you go through the cards they progress in difficulty. If your child is older or has a good grasp on figuring out the clues given on the cards then I would suggest that you mix up the cards before you start your game. 

This game can take some time to complete since you have to figure out the clues on the cards then find the correct house on the board. Since the board itself can be different each time you can not just memorize the places of each house. When we play we take turns but if your child needs a little help then there is no harm in helping finding the house or in deciphering the clues. If your child can not get the harder clues then you can just redo the cards they are able to handle and just them for a bit. Once they get the hang of those then you can slowly add in one or two cards in a time of the next level of difficulty. 

We got this game last year with out 1st grade Timberdoodle kit and Postman Observation Game still comes with it. I would not call this game a must have but it is definitely fun to play and worth getting if you want an extra critical thinking game to add to your household. The positives of this game are that is it very unique in the design by having the board being able to change, the card deck has a variety of difficulty levels and it is a team game rather than everyone playing against each other. Downsides would be the size if you do not have a lot of space (although we play this game on the living room floor) and maybe the playing time. Time really depends on how fast you are able to figure out the clues and find the right house. If you have any fun games that work on anything educational let us know in the comment section below. Have you played this game before and if so did you enjoy it?


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