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Tips & Tricks: Learning Styles

An important thing whenever helping your child learning, wither it be with homeschool or public education, is knowing how your child learns best. There are 4 main types of learning which are kinesthetic, visual, auditory and read/write. Each one of these learning styles is perfectly normal since everyone if different. It is also possible for someone to learn best with a verity of these styles. Kinesthetic learners are going to learn best by doing. By using all there senses, using tools, building, anything that gets them hands-on with an assignment will help them retain the knowledge. A lot of children start off with this style. Next, is the visual learners. They will learn better if you can provide some way to visually show them the work. If they have notes then use different color highlighters to help emphasis the main point. Have posters so they can see things often. Show them examples of what they will be doing before giving them the work to do.

Auditory learners will prefer to listen for their learning. Lectures, audio books, read a louds will be great for them. If possible let them record the lectures so they can listen to them on their own time. Talking about the lesson with another person will also be beneficial to your child. Lastly, we have read/write learners. As suspected these learners will do best when they can read and write their information. Reading and rereading the textbook or notes will be a great help for them. Writing down notes or copying the information from the textbook can be great ways for them to retain the knowledge. Make list and then rework them into multiple choice questions will also help your child. 

How to know which type of learner your child is can be more difficult. There are some great online quizzes you can do or you can do a trial by error sort of approach. You may also notice how your child learns as you are going through day-to-day life. Our oldest learns with pretty much everything. Her ability to retain information is incredible. It may also help to know your own learning style as your child may have the same way of learning. Our oldest definitely takes after me in the education department. How does your little one learn best? What tips do you have for other parents with kids who are the same kind of learners? Let us know in the comments below.


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