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Review: Djeco Modeling Dough Funny Faces

Who hasn’t played with dough before? Well this Djeco Kit helps your child form and create with dough. Djeco Modeling Dough Funny Faces has different cards for you to place the shaped dough and then you can use the stick provided to make different designs. We’ve had this kit for months and the dough is still soft which is nice. I make sure to close the containers properly to keep the dough as fresh as possible. One downside is the smell of the dough. To me it smells very weird but at least the dough isn’t sticky.

Our daughter loves when we do this kit. Her favorite part is using the stick to make designs in the dough. It’s also a great art activity to keep her busy if I need to get something done. The manual is all pictures so she can easily tell what she needs to do for each card. Even if the manual doesn’t show a design for the dough she makes one and that’s what so great about Djeco kits. Your child can be as creative as they want.  


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