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Review: Little Match

We got another card game recently called Little Match. This is another item by Djeco but it is not an art kit like we normally get. This card game is for ages 2 through 5 and for up to 4 players. You will receive 40 cards and each one has an animal on it. There are 4 different animals: a cat, bunny, owl and butterfly. They are also in 5 different colors: blue, red, yellow, purple and green. Little Match kind of reminds me of the game Go Fish but with a twist. What you will do is mix all the cards together and then deal out 4 cards to each player. The rest of the cards will go in a big pile together in the middle of all the players. The rules state that the youngest player will go first. You turn over a card and place it next to the pile. If you have a card with the same animal or color on it then you get to place it onto the card. If you do not have a matching card then you must draw a card and add it to your playing hand. The first person out of cards wins the game.

Here are some tips of what we have done with this game. For our youngest we tried to include her since she is almost 2 but she did not really get the idea of playing. If she had then I would have had her just lay her cards down in front of her since her hands are to small to hold the cards right now. Our oldest is 6 so when we play with game we use 7 cards to start out with to make it more challenging for her. Another way to make this game more difficult for her is by modifying the rules a bit. We will play were you can only place a card if you have the same animal or the same color but not both. When our youngest gets the idea of playing games like this then we will just do the regular rules until she has a firm grasps on her colors. She knows her animals pretty well so we will not have an issue with that aspect.

A perfect game for young children to play together. Another way you could use Little Match game for small kids is by splitting the cards and laying half of them face up then they can match them up. I think is a pretty unique game. It works both colors and animals. The cards are pretty small and have a decorative top to them. This card game comes with Timberdoodle's Preschool Kit. We never used their preschool kit but we have 5 of their kits and have love everyone. So, they are definitely worth checking out. Do you have any games for young toddlers around 2 and up? Anything similar to this card game that works on letters or numbers? Let us know in the comment section below.


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