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Review: Test Prep Grade 1

 Since we do test in our homeschool I am always looking for a way to do end of the year test assessment to make sure that our daughter has a good grasp on the information taught during the year. This Test Prep book has 13 units of material you can use to assess your child’s knowledge. Having all these subjects in one book is a huge plus. 

We started with the word study which focuses on rhyming, matching beginning sound of one object with the beginning sound of another object and choosing the word that goes with the picture. After they complete that it moves onto reading a story and being able to answer questions based on comprehending the story. 

As I love all things math I’m so glad it’s in this test prep book. You read the problem and answer the questions. It goes a bit more in-depth than I thought it would. For example, it will ask what the question is, the facts about the problem, how to set up the problem and the final answer. It also contains questions like place value, adding and subtracting and counting by certain numbers (like 3, 5, 10). Test Prep also goes over shapes, time, solving for the unknown, measurement and graph work. Since our daughter is still learning to write I help her out from time to time by writing the answers she gives so it minimizes her frustration. 

There is a great section where you read a sentence and then ask what a certain word means. I really enjoy this because then you can make sure that your child understands the meaning of the words. Our daughter’s favorite part of this booklet is when I read a question and she has to pick what picture goes with the question that has been asked. 

Not only test are included in this book. There is a study unit, practice test and tests. This will allow your child to not only brush up on the topic and skills used but then they get to take some test. Now, I never tell our daughter when I’m giving a test. I don’t want her to be self conscious or get test anxiety from the pressure of a test. I only tell her when we’ve finish school that she did a test and how wonderful she did. If you’re in need of other test prep materials then I’d checkout what Timberdoodle has to offer. 


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