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Review: Bolli Teether

I remember with our daughter she was constantly breaking the teethers. We went through countless teethers and she literally broke them all. Our second baby has been chewing her thumb and drooling for a couple months now. She we decided to get her a teether. We got this Bolli Teether from Timberdoodle

She really seems to enjoy this teether. What is very unique about this one is that it is stretchy. She can pull it, squish it, throw it, catch it and chew it. I’ve never seen a teether like this one. Even our 4 year old has been taking it because it’s so much fun to play with. I’d definitely recommend this teether especially if your baby is able to break others. 


  1. I absolutely love teethers that are 1) flexible and 2) easy for babies to grab! This one looks perfect.


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