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24 Days of Lisa the Elf

Hello everyone! I am a Scout Elf from the North Pole and have decided to take over this post for the next 24 days. This year I finally got my family assignment from Santa. Upon arriving at my little girl’s home I got right to work setting up my display. I wanted her to know she needs to name me, find where I’ll be each day and give her a special treat since this sweet little girl has been sick since Thanksgiving.

December 1st: Now I had a typo. I know Christmas Eve is the 24th but in my rush I wrote the 25th. But I made sure to let her know to get a cookie from the kitchen as a special treat. My name was specially chosen and it’s Lisa.

December 2nd: Since the whole family is sick I thought I’d setup where I can watching over them as they rest and get better. 

December 3rd: When I got back from visiting Santa I decided I wanted a good view of school time. Homeschool is so cool and a lot fun! I wanted to join in the learning but Santa says I can’t talk or move when the family is awake. 

December 4th: I decided to get creative and make a snow angel. The look on the little girl’s face was priceless. I’m glad she thought it was funny, too. 

December 5th: I spent all night cutting away so my little girl to do an activity. 

December 6th: She did so well with the snowman puzzle that I decided to bring back a snowman from the North Pole. 

December 7th: I was missing the cold of the North Pole so I hop into the fridge. 

December 8th: Yay! I found candy canes. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

December 9th: I thought it would be fun to fly!

December 10th: I had to hurry and get away from the smell! Farts smell so very bad. 

December 11th: The sweet little girl of the house has her artwork displayed all over the house so I thought I’d set up where I could admire it all day. 

December 12th: I decided to just hang out and wait by the door of the precious little girl who lives here. 

December 13th: Today I’m just going to rest in the play kitchen. 

December 14th: Decorating eggs is fun! Why not do it all year?

December 15th: Wooo! Riding a t-rex is so fun. 

December 16th: I fell off the dinosaur and the sweet little girl’s daddy picked me up! Good thing her mama knew just what to do to get my magic back. He wrote a letter to Santa and sprinkled me with sugar. So today I’m recovering in the freezer. Getting your magic back is tiring. 

December 17th: This is the last week of PreK. I decided I’d look at all the work this smart cookie has been doing. 

December 18th: This little girl has learned and retained so much knowledge this year I though she should reward herself. 

December 19th: Finally this family got a Christmas tree! Can’t wait for them to notice the new ornament. 

December 20th: Today I decided I wanted to know what it’s like to be a gift from Santa. 

December 21st: The family has house chickens, Togepi and Starly. I’ve been investigating them.

December 22nd: Now I know what it’s like to be a present under the tree. It’s really nice under here.

December 23rd: I found some cocoa and think it’s about time they drink it. Cocoa is great, we drink it all the time at the North Pole.

December 24th: Today is bittersweet. It’s my last day with my Christmas family, I will miss them terribly. However, I am happy to be going back to the North Pole until next December. I brought the sweet little girl a gift for her to open today. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she opens it.


  1. Hope everyone is feeling better! I have that alphabet poster.

  2. Sounds like Stacie is really enjoying Lisa's creative antics! I'm sure she'll be eager to see where Lisa shows up next!

  3. I personally can't do the elf....BUT, looks like you are having fun with it and are very creative! Enjoy the holidays!

  4. Thanks for the ideas. We are doing Shepherd on the Search, and my ideas are gone on day 9! Lol!


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