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Tips & Tricks: Social Interaction

I do get asked from time to time what we do so that our kids get to play with other kids. A lot of people think they will be weird since they do not go to public school. 1. Not going to public school will not make my kids weird. I’m their mom they were born weird.  2. There are a lot of weird kids in public school, too.  Even though our kids don’t have interaction with kids everyday they get social interaction in lots of other ways. We are in a homeschool group that meets for play date, field trips and holiday events. Our oldest is also in gymnastics. Our youngest is to young for an extracurricular but she will be in one when she’s old enough. We also play with the neighbor who has a daughter around the same age as our oldest. She is able to hold her own side of a conversation with anyone from baby to adult. I have no doubt that our youngest will be the same when she’s a bit older. What ways do you get social interaction? Our oldest will make friends anywhere. Walks up to kids at the p

Review: Visual Perception Collection

We got this neat set of Usborne board books called  Visual Perception Collection  from  Timberdoodle . Love me some board books. This sturdy design is easy to clean if they get dirty and they last a long time. These particular books are done in black, white, red, blue, yellow and purple. Using these colors makes a high contrast that is supposed to stimulate a baby’s mind. I am not sure if they really do because I am not a scientist but using just a couple different colors amongst the black and white makes the pictures quite striking. Our daughter is drawn to the parts of each picture that is brightly colored. Each page does not have very many words on them as well. So the child can look at the pictures more not that our daughter is reading the words yet anyway. One book is called Hello and the other is entitled Animals.  With Hello I try and see if she will do the same as in the pictures like jump when they are jumping, snuggle a teddy bear or come and get a hug. The Animals one shows

Review: Pat-a-Cat First Nursery Rhymes

I like to read a lot of books to the girls. Especially, when kids are young I think it is important to have them listen to lots and lots books. Even if your kids are playing you can read aloud to then. That way they get to hear a ton of different stories and it is good for bonding with them. When our oldest was young I would read my books aloud because she would not understand what was going on anyway. We recently got this new book for our youngest daughter. It is called  Pat-a-Cat First Nursery Rhymes  and it has a whole bunch of rhymes. 24 to be exact. What is so cool about this book of nursery rhymes is that each rhyme has instructions on actions you can do while you read them. So, your baby can get active while you sing/read since they will probably want to copy you if they are old enough to do so. Our daughter is very into songs. Her favorite is Row, Row, Row Your Boat which is not in this book but she will sing it on her own. I am sure if we sing these enough she will start singi

Review: Lil Dimpl

When your child is teething and being a huge grump as a result you try to do everything to help them with the pain. Our second daughter has not been a fan of teethers. But luckily I have not run into the problem we did with our first. Our first dauobroke every single teether she had. I am talking like full on bit pieces off the teethers. It has been a challenge to find a teether that our second daughter would use. She really likes the  Play Together Caterpillar  we got. We also got this one called  Lil Dimpl . It is a smaller teether than the caterpillar one but she really seems to like it. We keep it in the car for her and even in this hot Texas heat it has not melted which is a huge plus. In case you do not know Texas heat is about 100+ degrees and things often melt when left in the car.  lol Dimpl is a cute little blue man (you get an assorted color) with one of those popping spots. It is a pretty big popper since it is on the head of the little man. One thing I will say is I wish i

Review: Play Together Caterpillar

A lot of the toys we get when our kids are babies are the cute ones and this teether is definitely adorable. Our youngest is teething pretty bad at the moment so when I saw the  Play Together Caterpillar  I knew it was something I wanted to get for her. When I was taking it out of the packaging I called her into the living room and I wish I would have gotten it on video because she was absolutely the cutest. She did a huge gasp and made her shocked face then demanded that I give her the caterpillar. It has a fuzzy tail, a crinkly body and a light green leaf-shaped teether hanging on it. There is a handle attached to the segmented body and if you shake it you can hear a jingle coming from the head of the caterpillar. I think all of the different textures and bright colors make it a wonderful toy for any baby. Having the teether is a huge plus because then this toy is one that can grow with baby from newborn to growing teeth and even longer if your child so chooses.  Our daughter has tak

Review: Dr. Livingston Jr. Human Body Floor Puzzle

If you like science and puzzles then this review is sure to excite you. Our daughter loves science so when I saw this puzzle I was so excited to try it out.  Dr. Livingston Jr. Human Body Floor Puzzle  is huge! When completed the puzzle is a whopping 4 feet tall. It is about the same size as our daughter who is 6. Me being so short this body puzzle is almost as tall as me. I love that the pieces are nice and big yet the puzzle still has 100 pieces. This human body puzzle comes with a double sided paper that shows the different parts of the body and gives facts about some of them. The other side of the anatomy reference guide points out more parts of the body. The reason I love that it has this paper is because it gives an excellent gateway to discuss the human body. Our daughter had lots of questions; how does this body part work, what does this part do? I was so glad that she enjoyed the puzzle and was able to learn so much from it.  Another neat thing about this puzzle is that it sho

Review: The Baby Babble Series

With our first daughter, she didn’t talk until she was 2. Literally not one word but she did babble and use sign language a lot. Our second baby started talking at 6 months. I thought it would be interesting to see if she would be able to parrot the words in these books I got from  Timberdoodle . They are called  The Baby Babble Series . They have touch and feel aspects to each one. The Ck! book has one touch and feel spot about the size of a quarter on the first page and that is it. The rest of the book is mostly flaps which as long as you read the books with your child it is fine. However, if your child is like mine they love to get into everything especially books. I’m addition, to getting into everything they maybe very hard on things. So, I keep these books where she can not get to then. I do like that these books are hardback board books to keep from getting destroyed by babies. Our youngest is what a call a book tearer. She will tear pages out if they are not board books and the