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Review: Smart Cookies

Here is another great critical thinking game. We got Smart Cookies from Timberdoodle with our 1st grade kit. Our daughter absolutely loves this game. She has said that it is her favorite game and that it is super fun. The game comes with a manual/challenge book, the game board and 9 different pieces that come in 3 different colors and shapes. The object of the game is to put all 9 different pieces on the board in the correct spots by using the clues given in the challenge book. Each challenge has the clues numbered 1-9 (except for towards the end). some of the earlier challenges you can do the clues in any order. while other challenges it is better to do the clues in the correct number order. This is another single player game but sometimes our daughter will ask us to play with her. When she wants us to play then we take turns doing the clues. We do not make it a win or lose game but rather a fun way to build team working skills. Since our daughter is pretty creative she has made up

Review: Fishertechnik Advance Universal 4 with Engineer

Every kid loves to build things and our daughter is no exception. We have had LEGOs, ThinkPlay , Plus-Plus and now we have  Fishertechnik Advance Universal 4 with Engineer . This particular kit came with our 2nd grade Timberdoodle  curriculum. This Fishertechnik set has 40 different models to work those fine motor skills. The instruction manual is all done in pictures so if you or your child has done LEGOs before then it will make perfect sense. However, in Fishertechnik’s manual there are some pictures of pieces you need to have to put these pieces together before attaching them to the main build. It does not however show you which pieces you need so you have to figure that part out on your own. We were looking for pieces for a long time before I realized that it was two pieces put together and we needed to find both pieces. Quite annoying.  Another downside to this kit is that the pieces are a bit hard to put on and take off for our daughter who is 5. She did eventually get the hang

Review: Wile E. Coyote Physical Science Genius

There is a bit of nostalgia with one. Both my husband and I used to watch Wile E. Coyote when we were kids. With these 4 Wile E. Coyote Physical Science Genius books your child will learn a lot in a super fun and funny way. There are simple machines, forces and motion, flight and gravity, speed and velocity. Each book definitions about the most important aspects of the book. They are also in the back of the books in the glossary. So, it would easy to do a quiz or test on these books/words. Also, listed in the back of the books are other books you could read and a website with a code to use that will enhance what you have read.  Just like in the show Wile E. Coyote always gets hurt in the end. A super fun way to really make sure your child is getting what is in these books is to physically do the experiments. Make a project out of it. Have your child go find the objects they think will work best for each thing. While going through the experiments make sure that yo are using the definit

Review: At Night Scratch Cards

 We got At Night Scratch Cards  since we have liked all the other Djeco art kits we have used before. I got it with my Timberdoodle  points. This kit has 4 cards, a manual and a scratching stick. Now, I thought that these cards were like the previous ones where you scratch and it reveals a picture. Sadly, that was not the case so our first go turned out pretty awful. It turns out that you need to scratch the cards in a design that you like. The manual goes through what parts you need to scratch for the design. However, I let our daughter scratch wherever and whatever to make her own designs. That way she can be as creative as she likes. I do enjoy things where she can use her own ideas and personality. It makes each art piece completely unique.  The cards do have a very pretty starter design. There is an owl, cat, fox and butterfly. Like with the other Djeco kits I wish there was more projects to do. Something that is very cool about this art kit is that the cards glow in the dark. I d

Review: miniLUK Set A & B

We did BambinoLUK Set A and B  for preschool. This year we got miniLUK Set A and Set B . What I liked about these a couple years ago is that there was a huge variety of critical thinking work. The same is true about these miniLUK sets. Each booklet has abut 24 to 26 problems to solve. What I like to do with miniLUK is organize the books based on difficulty. The books tell you at the top what level of difficulty each one is. I start with the booklets that are the lowest difficulty and end with the harder ones.  The bases of this activity is to match the pictures together. Each book starts out easy and gets progressively harder. Some of the problems are just matching the same pictures. Others are a bit more challenging like you see part and then have to find what full picture it goes, too. There are math booklets in which your child will need to know how to do basic math like counting, addition and subtraction. Your child will get to match silhouettes, mixed up pictures and more. They w

Review: Mathematical Reasoning B

We have used Mathematical Reasoning a lot before. In addition to Math-U-See Alpha we use Mathematical Reasoning B . I did tear out all the pages and put it in a binder (2 inch) with Mathematical Reasoning A. Then we use a sheet protector so that we can reuse the pages as much as we like. Like with the other Mathematical Reasonings I really like that it is in color. This book starts with jumping right into addition and counting money. So if your child doesn’t know how to add then I would suggest getting Mathematical Reasoning A or Math-U-See Primer . There is skip counting early on in this workbook as well as halves and patterns. There are questions like “one and ___ equals four.” And then your child has to figure out the answer. For this particular type of question I prefer Math-U-See. It sets up the questions as an actual math and then you solve for x instead of filling in the blanks. Mathematical Reasoning does have a plus that Math-U-See does not and that is that they work on how

Review: Critical and Creative 1

 In need of a way to let your child be as creative as they want while they learn about things? Then Critical and Creative 1  would be perfect for you. This workbook goes over many different things from animals to vehicles and much more. They will get to draw things from their imagination. It is a great way for children to express themselves. Your child will get lots of thinking skills work like logical thinking, problem solving and a bunch more. The thing I like best about this critical thinking workbook is that it ask the child “why?” First, they figure out things like how are things the same and different. Then, the book will ask “why?” This is great because then they have to really think of something. It is easy to just say “yes they are the same.” So the extra question of why gets those critical thinking skills flowing. There are some pages where the child gets clues and then they have to figure out which item fits. In the earlier pages of the workbook is seasons. There are some qu