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Homeschool Unboxing: 2nd Grade Timberdoodle Curriculum

 We are always excited when curriculum comes in the mail. A box of ultimate fun! If you’ve read my other post you know that we start our school year in January but a few things that came we are going to do this year before our 2nd grade year officially starts which we’ll be showing you in the coming months. Ready to see what we got in our Timberdoodle box? Here goes! Timberdoodle has an awesome variety of subjects to cover which one of the things I enjoy most. In our state we only have a few subjects that are mandatory but I like to go over every subject. First up we have English class. English is one of our core subjects and it goes over reading, spelling, writing and grammar. For our second grade year we will be using All About Reading Level 3All About Spelling Level 2Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 2 and Word Fun. We have used all of these before except Word Fun. I did flip through it already and it looks super cute. 

Our next subject we cover is math. Our daughter doesn’t like math even though she’s quite good at it. We are continuing using Math-U-See because I think it is an exceptional curriculum. What is a huge plus is the DVD. It helps show you how to properly use the curriculum to its fullest and you can watch it with your child. I’m always looking for extra math things to make math more fun so for our 2nd grade year we’ll be using TENZI and the Card Pack that has a bunch of ways to play. 

Up next we have science. Our daughter loves science especially doing experiments. Continuing with Building Blocks of Science because the text book is fun, colorful and engaging. The Lab Kit goes right along with the curriculum and the lab notebook which is nice. When I saw these Wile E. Coyote books I had to get them. Super cute and the high jinks I think will make the books really enjoyable for our daughter. 

Social Studies/Geography is another subject that our state doesn’t require like science but I feel both are important to teach. Even though I find Story of the World to be a bit much at times for children I’m sticking with it because of the Activity Book. It makes the readings really fun and has so many wonderful projects to do to bring the reading to life. Of course I got the Test Booklet so I can make sure our daughter is retaining the information. Famous Figures I kept because putting together the figures is an outstanding hands-on project. Our daughter really enjoys the Skill Sharpeners so I made sure to add it to our curriculum for 2nd grade. I thought thought UGears 4Kids Knight on Horseback looked fun so I made sure to add that, too. 

I also teach Thinking Skills as a class. This is something that some people may over look but Timberdoodle has a huge variety of critical thinking items. I feel it’s a good thing to add because it really gets the brain working and I have found that it helps our daughter analyze more doing other subjects. We are able to have lengthy conversations about other things because she is thinking more about stuff. We’ll be using Building Thinking Skills and a few games. I love learning games. We have a few containers of critical thinking games that our daughter has access to all the time. For 2nd grade we’ll be adding Smart Game’s Walk the DogQ-bitz Solo and GridBlock

Another subject we do is STEM. We always do a building kit each year. For 2nd grade we will be using Fishertechnik Advance Universal 4 with Engineer. I really think our daughter will like this one because she loves construction vehicles and this kit has 40 models to build. Since our school year is 47 weeks we can do one build a week. However, we’ll probably make 2 and play with them for the day. 

Our last subject is hands down our daughter’s favorite. ART! Painting, drawing, coloring it doesn’t matter she loves it all. I always try to have a lot of art kits for the year but I don’t think I got enough this time so I’ll probably be getting more along the way. Timberdoodle has a huge variety of art kits so it’ll be easy to find great ones to add. We’ve used Djeco Mosaics before so I know it’ll be a good one. Since she loves to paint I think she’ll enjoy Djeco World WorkshopMe: A Compendium will have her drawing and coloring lots of different things and then when she’s completed the book I plan on adding it to our home library. 

Our last thing for the unboxing is extra stuff. For 2nd grade I only have one extra which is the Test Prep. We do testing and I always want a fun way to test which is why I kept with the same test form we did for 1st grade. I love the bright colors and adorable pictures. Timberdoodle has a lot of fun little extra you can add to your classroom with like Madd Matter. I really recommend checking out the games, workbooks and kits that Timberdoodle has to offer.

Y’all know I do a review for every item we do so I thought it would be fun to see if viewers could guess what the next review will be. Use the comment section below to make your guesses. Here’s the clues for our first 2nd grade review:

  • It’s fun for all
  • Incorporates animals
  • We’ve used items from this company before


  1. We love that Djeco World Workshop!! The gouache colors are incredibly vivid.

    1. It’ll be our daughters first time painting exactly what is asked instead of doing her own thing. I’m pretty excited to see how she does.

  2. We love Tenzi! And the Figures in Motion books are awesome. We have almost the whole set. I love them.


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