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Timberdoodle Kindergarten Unboxing

In January, we start our new school year. My little girl has been so excited to start kindergarten after seeing what’s in the kit. As always there will be reviews and after finishing expectation post. So, let's get into this kit! I got the Timberdoodle Kindergarten Elite Kit, I did get some extra things as well.

Spelling You See Level A, Big Letter Bananagrams, Italic Handwriting Book B (I switched for this instead) and All About Reading Level 1. The papers in the sheet protector are the student lesson pages for AAR. I had already took them out and cut the ones that needed to be cut prior to the pictures.

Math-U-See Primer, Buggzle Puzzle and Geoboards (I added this in). 


Geography/Social Studies:

Thinking Skills:

Social/Emotional Skills:



Extra Things in Kit:
Kumon Folding Set of 2 (I add this on), Madd Mattr, Deep Sea Pencil Case, Kum 4-in-1 Pencil Sharpener, Write Size Pencils, Ferby Triangular Colored Pencils. 


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