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Pre-K 2019 Curriculum Choice: Unboxing

I wanted to find a well rounded curriculum for our daughter. One that had everything together and I didn’t have to go hunting for it myself because that’s a daunting task. I researched lots of different secular curriculum kits and each item in the kits. I came across Timberdoodle and just adored everything about it. The kits are hands-on, have a ton of things to engage your child in the joy of learning and has an online scheduler. I will have a review post for each item as we use them and an end of year review.

First, I started with their placement test to see which kit was right for our daughter to start with. She placed in the Pre-K kit. I went with the elite kit but I’m sure the complete kit is enough. For English they have All About Reading: Pre-Reading, What Your Preschooler Needs to Know, Magna Tablet Deluxe, Alphabet Bingo and Wikki Stix Alphabet. The complete kit doesn’t include bingo or wikki stix.

I absolutely love math. It’s one of my favorite subjects. You’ll get Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 2, Tiny Polka Dots and Junior GeoStix. Complete kit doesn’t include GeoStix. 

I love that Timberdoodle includes thinking skills. They have chosen BambinoLUK Set A & B (16 books), Kumon Thinking Skills (spatial reasoning, same and different, logic and creativity) and Three Little Piggies Games. Complete kit doesn’t include BambinoLUK Set B. 

Geography and social studies is something I wouldn’t have thought of even doing with her until she was older so I was excited to see things for her age. We got My Very First Our World Book and What Do Grown-UPS Do All Day?  Complete kit doesn’t include the grown-ups book. 

So glad they included social and emotional skills. Our daughter was a late talker and I’m really hoping this helps her gain more confidence in her abilities. Timberdoodle includes A Whole Bunch of Feeling and Stages: Emotion Cards. Complete kit doesn’t include emotion cards. 

I love science and hope our daughter will enjoy the amazing hands-on items Timberdoodle chose. You get Kumon Sticker Science, Berenstein Bears Big Book of Science and Nature, Look I am a Scientist, Early Science Explorer’s Set and a Horseshoe Magnet. Complete kit doesn’t include Look I am a Scientist, the explorer set or magnet. 

STEM items are great for children of all ages. You’ll receive ThinkPlay STEM Junior Xtra. 

Our daughter loves art. She’s super excited to use everything already. Timberdoodle chose Draw and Learn: Animals and Places, Djeco Pompom Pictures - All Aboard and Djeco Sweet Nature Felt Set. Complete kit doesn’t include the felt set. 

Timberdoodle includes Learning Tools as well. Our kit had Jumbo Grip Graphite No2 EcoPencil (2 pack), Kum 4-in-1 Pencil Sharpener, Brilliant Beeswax Crayon (12 pack), 10oz pack of Mad Mattr with the Builder Pack. 

I did get some items from Timberdoodle’s Preschool Kit. I got them because it was stuff we’ve never done before and I thought she’d enjoy them. I chose Bunny Peek-a-Boo, Day and Night, Stages Blocks, Draw and Learn: Faces, Kumon Cutting Skills - Set of 3, Primary Science Kit and Small Pegs Activity Set. As of right now Stages Blocks hasn’t come in from Stages Learning.

You get so much with Timberdoodle kits. There will be post on each item with the pros and cons.  At the end of year update on if the kit met my expectations. 


  1. This really makes me wish I still had a preschooler. So many amazing ways to learn!


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